Destiny Dance Troupe Returns With Elaborate Halloween Routine

Destiny Dance Troupe Returns With Elaborate Halloween Routine

Husky Raid is a legendary group of Destiny merry-makers known for their elaborately choreographed and meticulously staged videos that turn the shooter into a pop concert. Working entirely in-game, one player usually serves as an audience surrogate, wandering unwittingly into a bizarre carnival put on by people with a truly impressive mastery of Destiny’s animations, emotes, and weapon effects. It’s been two years since their last video, but since the Moon has returned to Destiny 2 with Shadowkeep, so have they.

“Saw Something Weird on the Moon 2” is a direct sequel to one of their most popular videos, which has the player character in Destiny 1 stumbling upon an impromptu performance of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

For their long-in-the-works follow-up, Husky Raid has orchestrated an even bigger and more impressive performance, making ample use of Destiny 2’s expanded library of emotes and cosmetics to put on a ridiculous and dazzling work of immersive musical theatre.

The set-pieces here are impressive, with homages to Ghostbusters and Stranger Things including choreography that looks remarkably fluid and uncompromised despite being limited by Destiny 2’s animations — which it turns out, are pretty damn versatile!

Watching a Husky Raid video feels like watching an expensive arena pop concert emerge from one of the most familiar and mundane spaces, as if Taylor Swift decided to put on a show in your grocery store.

In a game as built around habitual play as Destiny is, it’s a lot of fun to see some folks put a little magic back into a game that habit may have turned mundane.

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