Let's Remember One Of The Best Parts Of The Destiny Beta: The Dancing

Dancing in video games is hardly a new thing — dancing functionality has been available in World of Warcraft for almost a decade — but for some reason busting moves in Destiny felt like a new and adventurous thing. It was awesome.

Warning: there will be GIFs.

In Destiny dancing often feels like the punchline to a joke you didn't hear, but everyone else is laughing so you just have to sort of assume it was funny.

And dancing in the Destiny Beta was funny. It was a form of communication. In WoW, for example, players always have access to a keyboard — dancing is mostly done for the sake of dancing, for the pure love of the dance.

In Destiny? Dancing could mean anything. Dancing could be 'oh hey! Good to see you! Let's shoot some things'. Dancing could be a form of bragging. Dancing could mean, 'see you later, I'm out of here'. If, like me, you often played Destiny multiplayer without a headset, dancing was practically the only form of communication you had. It was the full stop in your sentences, the grammar that piece together your vocabulary. It was everything. DANCING WAS MY WORLD MAN. IT WAS MY EVERYTHING.

Dancing in Destiny also highlights one of its greatest strengths in the Xbox One/PS4 era: shareable content. For the duration of the Destiny Beta my social media feeds — Facebook in particular — were dominated by Destiny. There was explosions. There were sunsets. So many sunsets.

And there was dancing. Always the dancing.

Dancing in the midst of gunfire. Dancing in inappropriate places. Dancing as an example of an in-game bug. Dancing as performance. Dancing for the goddamn sake of it.

In Destiny we were all born to dance.

I can't wait till it's time to dance again.


    I remember dancing on the edge of the ship dock piers. I also remember slightly nudging my fireteam members when they were standing on those piers to send them to their deaths.

    I feel that the Tower should have a PA system blasting one song and one song only. David Bowie. Let's Dance.

    OMG. I was talking with friends while one was playing, was all like "so which class are you? Since you're doing the robot?". He replied "uh..... Exo ....".


    Dancing on the roof of the post master's building over a vent with smoke... Flashdance Destiny styles.

    Starting a flashmob with 8 players on the vanguards table was priceless

    i fucking LOVE this game, i love that since you cant just yell and talk in game, you need to try communicate with those 4 actions.. so good.. it was like talking to someone who speaks another language and you become awesome buddies... through dance

    Cant wait till the fill release <3

    Hopefully one of the missions ends with a Dance Off between the Vanguard, the Fallen and the Hive.

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