God Of War III At 1080p, 60 FPS Is Very, Very Pretty

There's a very strong argument to be made: that God of War III is one of the best looking games of last generation. I'd say that honour lies with Red Dead Redemption or The Last of Us, but when it comes to stupendous scale and massive boss fights, it's kinda difficult to go past God of War III.

Which is why I'm surprised that more people aren't talking about the upcoming God of War III remaster for the PlayStation 4. I get that Kratos and the God of War series is kinda out of vogue after a less-than-stellar spin-off game, and a completely reasonable aversion to ridiculous amounts of violence, but man. God of War III was good. And I think I'd like to play it again.

My recommendation: crank the settings up on this YouTube video. God of War III looks good at 1080p and 60 frames per second.


    I thought the reason why nobody cares is because the story is kind of over. GoW1 was mostly held together by its story, while 2 and 3 improved the gameplay, the story and characters became rather forgettable. To the point that Kratos was killing people, because that's what he does. The prequel just added nothing.

    Everybody was hyped for GoW3 but after it came out it just faded. The story didn't need to be talked about, the story finished, and it ended on a blatant "this is the end but in case we're forced to it's open for a new game" stinger.

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      Or that last gen the God of War remaster included 5 games, this one only includes 1. For the same price.

        Yeah I think by now a lot of people have played either the originals or the first round of remakes. It also probably doesn't help that this is a very short game. At least with the Last of Us, Halo etc you got a fair bit of content. I wouldn't say the same about this game, as much as I wouldn't mind revisiting it.

        They should have stuck all the other ports PS3 remasters on the disk as bonus content.

      Yeah absolutely. I finished GOW 1 (On the PS2 holy shit!) and played GOW 2 until I got to the temple, where it just felt like GOW 1 again, but GOW 3 I could not get into. Mainly because of Kratos. His rantings were just getting annoying. Always looking for revenge, but 90% of the time he'd stuffed people around first and they were just scared of him and trying to get him out of the picture for their own safety. I was like "but you brought this on yourself dude. Take a chill pill!"

      Plus the stabby stabby stab gameplay gets a little... weird after a while. I let my kids watch me play a bit of TLOU but not GOW. It's too full on.

    God of War II was already a rehash with no substantial combat improvements, though at least the morality of its characters were a little more complex and the grandness of that game was a slight novelty. With III it didn't really improve combat at all, like the previous game, the grandness was like "okay guys, we get it, very nice" and to top it off the story really sucked. For me Kratos as a character *spoiler* lost any semblance of sympathy I had for him as a character by the end, he was at that point just a to say the least, an evil psycho who had lost it -- and for what point, because he felt like it being king? That's your justification for the plot of III? Also ... that ending... lame.

    They really milked (are still milking) the shit out of this franchise hey. Poor girl must be just about dry.

    They can make it in beautiful high def-ness and with ramped up frame rate but unfortunately it is still nowt but a quick time event game. I had fun with it back in the day, but I want more than that with new-gen games.
    Which is probably a large reason not many people cared about The Order also, I assume.

    I loved God of War 3, and found Ascension deplorable. But as nice as 60fps action is, this is a very unnecessary remake. The game still holds its own visually today, so I don't see the need for this in the slightest :(

    I can see this being a must... for that very small group of people that have played God of War I/II but not III yet.

    Other than that... yeah.

    I play this and Darksiders... I prefer Darksiders from the gameplay and story line.

    They need to let this f**ker go. Really, I mean I have had enough of these remakes and remasters. How about making a new IP all together? Creating some new content, instead of as the others have said before my post, "Milked it" for all its worth. If you continue to flog a dead horse in this industry, chances are you will not recover anything from the IP in the future (Such as a sequel or a prequel, or a branching story of another character in the same universe). 3 is still well and good.

    Here is what you do if you want to remake it SO BAD!...Remaster 1 and 2, remake the textures, and import the animations from 3. Then pump it up to 1080 and 60FPS. Then 1080 and 60FPS for 3. That way it will make it more worth while and will revive 1 and 2, and you can play threw the entire GOW series on current gen hardware...But fat chance of that happening.

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