EB Has 42 God Of War III Ultimate Trilogy Editions Left

Yes, that's right, the limited edition God of War III bundle featuring the God of War Collection and ornate oversized packaging is available again. But you better be quick.

EB has had the God of War III Ultimate Trilogy Edition as an exclusive pre-order offer. They've sold out a couple of times already. But now it seems they have procured some extra stock.

42 copies, to be precise.

From 10am EDT AEST today, they'll be taking orders once more. So get out your credit card and hit up EB in an hour's time if you want to score yourself all three Gods of War plus a bunch of exclusive extras. All for just $248.

UPDATE: Being based in Brisbane, EB means 10am in Queensland. So that's 11am for those of us in NSW and VIC. Other states can do their own math!


    Having missed the PS2 versions but now owning a PS3 this trilogy would be perfect if only there was a more resonable less fanboi version available with just each of the three titles for PS3


      Once the pre-order deal is over and GOWIII has launched, I would expect Sony to release the GOW Collection separately.

        The collection is available at several online retailers as an import. So places like play asia or even specialty import stores in your local city like Shintokyo in Adelaide. That's where I got mine so I could polish up on the series before 3 came out.

        The 1/2 remakes are in EBs coming soon list in their computers for April 22nd, at $59.95.

        My local EB also told me that they'll be selling the GoW 1/2 pack.

      Most GameTraders I've been in have had the GOW Collection on shelves for $70-$80, if importing isn't an option for you.

      Or you could do what i did, Buy it from ebay for 50 bucks... Remember the PS3 is region free for most games, so you can get either the asian or US version depending on your box art prefrence.

    If only i had the money.

    I made sure to pre-order as soon as it became available the first time

    Just import the first two from any asian website (hkofferhouse, playasia etc) for around $40. much cheaper than paying the $200+ asking price for mostly download content

    They sure are taking their time.

      Taking their time, or already all gone? :)

        Must be gone but I have been checking since 9:45 so I don't know.

    for $250 I expect alot more physical stuff and alot less downloadable stuff. Including a special hat to wear while playing!!

    I do want the three games on bluray though so I'm hoping they do release that edition here soon.

    It's up now if you want to do it. I got mine. :)

      Missed mine :(

    For those looking for the Collection, try www.videogamesplus.ca - Canadian website, about $39 including shipping.

    Arg damnit >< They all sold out within 4 minutes!! That's just not fair! :(

    Meh, nearly picked one up, but just a bit too pricey for me

    Just buy GoW collection from somewhere like Play Asia. Who needs all the other crap that comes with the Limited Edition?

    Ordered the I&II Collection from cdwow.com.au the other day for just under $60. Free shipping. I'll happily take that and the regular edition of GoW III for a total of ~$140-150 over that huge $250 box.

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