God Of War III Ultimate Trilogy Edition Gets Ultimate Price Tag

How much would you expect to pay for God Of War III, the PS3 re-release of God Of War I & II, plus assorted goodies? If you said under $200, you'd be way off the mark.

EB Games has announced the price for the God Of War III Ultimate Trilogy Edition, the limited edition box exclusive to the retailer.

That price is $258.01. UPDATE: Since this post was published, the EB Games product page has replaced the previously listed price with $TBC. We'll follow up with Sony and EB to find out what's going on.

To put that into perspective, let's take a look at the North American Ultimate Edition. It comes with the same Pandora's Box packaging, the same bonus in-game content, the same soundtrack, the same documentary, the same art book and of course the same God Of War III game.

Its price? $US99.99.

The only difference is we get the God Of War Collection (God Of War I & II given a high resolution makeover) and a bunch of postcards in our special edition.

Who's preordering now?

[Thanks to Michael, Vel, Isaac and everyone else who tipped this!]


    Website now reads $TBC Must have been a misprint.

      Thanks, Julian. It still showed $258.01 about an hour ago when I actually wrote the article. I'll update the post.

      three games. a stack of dlc. $258. sold

    Now if only I could play it on my million dollar xbox360!

    I was pretty keen to get this, but $250+ is overpriced. Between $170 - $200 would be the sweet spot I think.

    Pfft.. I got my God of War Collection and am now happier than ever I did so!!

    Viva la Play-Asia!

      Yip - I also went the play-asia.com route for the Collection and all i can say is - DAMN - GOW is HARD! I had finished uncharted on crushing and COD:MW2 on Veteran, but in some spots in GOW 1 and 2 on Hard (Not Even God Mode) I came to a complete standstill... in the end I had to suffer the ignomity of changing down to normal mode... ego dented

    I also saw that this morning, but thought it might be a placeholder price only... I mean, 1 cent??

    Games just aren't sold like that... however, it might not be that far off... NZ seem to suggest something similar and even have a date of release!

    NZ$299 - 17/03/09 @ http://www.mightyape.co.nz/product/PlayStation-3/God-of-War-III-Ultimate-Trilogy-Edition/3875340/

    With the God Of War Collection bundled in, I really wouldn't be surprised at $249...

      Wow, It was released last year... 17/03/10

      still getting used to typing the '10' instead of '09'...

    I agree, the price is really pretty ridiculous. Of course, it's an EB exclusive, so they can do whatever the hell they want with the price.

    Incidentally, I'm assuming I'm the Michael thanked for tipping them off, as I did so early this morning. That's the best bit of geek cred I've gotten in a long time.

      And sorry for the double post, but I thought I should mention that although you can't preorder this from their website yet, the stores will happily let you - if the (potential, unconfirmed) price doesn't throw you off.

    Ah David we also get all 4 skins for Kratos, not just 2 for the US edition :)

    Yeah I found out it was $258 this morning and I went WTF, so was about 10 other people in the company! I heard it is going for around £160 in the UK, didn't chase it up too far though.

    Maybe EB got a lot of hatemails in the first few hours of posting? One can only hope it would drop to at least $200...

      Hey, if the next post is Isaac, we'll be 3 for 3!

    Well, I was interested in this as much for the sweet box as for the game (Still interested in the game too but it IS an awesome box) but for that price, there's no damn chance. $150, maybe

    That's mental... so this is the only way I can play the remastered original games? If that's the case, I'll give them all a miss...

      No, you can just import the remastered collection no problems and for reasonably cheap.

    This is what happens when their major competitor (GAME) drops the ball - we now have over-priced ME2 and GoW3 collector editions. Thank God for Play-Asia!

      $118 for ME2 isnt that overpriced in comparison to other SE's I've bought over the years.

      Eh, I thought it was quite reasonable.

    Oh, the website now says it is displaying an 'Estimated R.R.P.' and is back to $258. So I suppose EB might have pulled a magical figure out of their arse that they want to charge. I guess since it's exclusive to them they'll just charge what they like.

    Price is back up at $258 but it now says in the picture above that this is an estimated RRP but they are letting you order it anyway.

    Even plus postage your going to save a bundle ordering it from the US. Assuming thats the price they're going to go with.

    I've sworn to myself I won't pay more than $150 than this, not a dollar more than $175... maybe a smidgen over $180.

    My god I am the distributors rent boy.

    i have ordered God of War 3 and God of War collection to arrive with GOW3 from Play-Asia and its costing $137(shipping included) and there is no way i am going to pay $120 for a pretty looking box and whatever else that isn't worth more then $30

    What a joke EB!!!

    Although this is no doubt a ridiculous price I can see the logic EB would have applied, by pricing it basically the same as all other games they sell:

    US price x 2: 200$
    Collection (valued at approximately 60AU$ would be reasonable): 60$
    total: 260$

    Makes sense right?

    The price is back to $258

    Just checked the website and it's still $258. What a friggin' joke. I'll be importing it without a doubt. I'm sick of EB getting all these exclusives and then charging whatever they want, and the prices just keep on going up. This is the last straw I won't be shopping at EB anymore.

    Where I live there's just Kmart EB and a locally owned game shop. I would rather support the local guy than a multi-national corporation.

    I know collector's editions are supposed to be more expensive but this is ridiculous.

    trying to find the God Of War III Ultimate Trilogy Edition on play asia and it states that they are posting the option for preorders soon

    does this sound correct to you guys or have i missed the first wave of pre orders

    Thats the american price right? HA like they will get $300 from me for that over priced crud. No wonder people pirate.

    It's cool and all (I did wipe away a bit of drool the first time I saw it) but it's really impractical looking - not going to remotely fit with the rest of my games.

    Now, if they released a God of War 1, 2 & 3 set alone...that'd sell as many copies as GoW3. Hell, I'd even retire my venerable PS2 copies for that...

    I was going to get it no matter what it was priced but 260 is a bit much. Ah well I want this thing bad enough I'll probably get it regardless, damn those evil eb jerks.

    Hey guys this is my 1st post :) but I just had to ask I would be keen for this but isn't our australian version also edited? as we are all under 18 here who play games, boycott it and import thats what I say, bunch of jerks keep editing my games not happy if they edit a game then surely it should be cheaper as we are not getting a full game?

      Pretty sure it would be the same, or none at all. In any case PS3 isn't region locked!

    If u import it from the NZ website in an earlier comment to Australia, u save $18...

    Being thrifty is nifty :P

    Gametraders are selling the God of War 1 and 2 HD for $99 australian btw.

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