God Of War III Rated, Aussie Limited Edition Priced

God Of War III Rated, Aussie Limited Edition Priced

Those of you fearing the worst when it came to God Of War III being classified in Australia… fear no more. The blood-drenched PS3 action game has earned itself an MA15+ rating.

According to the Classification Board, that MA15+ is due to “Strong violence, sexual references and nudity.” All three of which are par for the course for any God Of War game.

In other God Of War III news, it seems the Ultimate Trilogy Edition, which was announced and priced by EB, then subsequently saw that price retracted, is now priced once more.

Originally, EB listed the limited edition at $258.01. Now it’s back up again at $248.00, albeit accompanied by the caveat: “Price displayed is estimated RRP.”

We’ve heard that the actual RRP is $249.95. But given the Ultimate Trilogy Edition is exclusive to EB, the point is perhaps moot.


  • Also Sony has confirmed they are not going to release the GOW Collection (1 and 2) outside of that stupidly priced box


  • Anyone wanting the God of War Collection, go to Play Asia.. I rounded up about 5 mates, got 5 copies and it ended up only costing about $55-60 each.. and it’s worth it!!!

    AND they’re quick, so you’ll be playing it months before anyone crazy enough to buy the Ultimate Edition is…

    All trophies, etc work just fine.. VIVA la region free!

    • already have 🙂 but its a stupid decision on sonys part to limit a top PS3 game to just the most richest people

  • Hell with that. If on release the collection isn’t $200 bucks or less (pretty reasonable I’d have thought for a new-release, a no-frills re-release and a bunch of cheap novelties) I’ll just be grabbing the Collection from Play Asia ($50 AUD approx) and GO3 locally. We get ripped off badly enough in this country as it is.

  • from the demo, i am surprised that it wasn’t refused classification at first. Personally i think it should be rated R18+ but, oh, thats right, an R18+ classification will allow these violent games to be avaliable to young teens. Lucky it went through as MA15+ then..?????

    • I personally am not.

      The content of the demo including the ripping of heads is in GOW 1 and 2 therefore the board had set a precedant that this is MA15+ stuff and sony sailed right through.

      Its NOTHING like the violence in AVP’s decapitations.

  • Arrrg.. so expensive. I was planning on getting this as my boyfriend’s birthday present, but we’d normally limit ourselves to around $100 – $200 tops…….. hums. Maybe I’ll get a few other ppls to chip in or something.

    I hate buying stuff from EB though. Why couldn’t JB have gotten this… then it would have at least been a semi-reasonable price 🙁

  • I’m not getting the ultimate chicken wing box edition, I’ve already got both GOW games and $250 is just an absurd amount to pay. But yeah, hoo-ray for an MA rating!!

  • The ironic thing would be if the God Of War Collection DIDN’T pass the Classification Board… lol

    Just on prices, using RRP’s and taking out exchange rates, obviously it will be alot cheaper to import with a well performing AU Dollar…

    US Regular game prices – $59.99 (ie: God Of War III)
    God Of War III Special Edition – $99.99 (RRP + ~66% of RRP)
    God Of War Collection US Price – $39.99 (~66% of RRP)
    So US$140 for the lot…

    Using the above factors… against what seems to be a confirmed UK price…

    UK Regular game prices – ~£45.99-£49.99 (ie: God Of War III)
    Approx Special Edition Price – ~£82.99
    Approx Collection Price/Value – ~£29.99
    About ~£112.99 or… £109.99 as GAME UK are selling it for…

    Australia simply matches…

    AU Regular game prices – ~$108 (ie: God Of War III)
    Approx Special Edition Price – ~$180
    Approx Collection Price/Value – ~$69
    About ~$257 or… $248 as EB Games are “estimating” the price to be…

    So there is sense on how they got to the end price.

    However, both us and Europeans are probably getting taken more for a ride this time. Buying both in America will set you back US$140… Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition was US$149 and that hit for AU$199. So there are grounds for it being $199 again, but given that it’s an exclusive to one retailer I’d be interested in how much control they do have in setting the price.

    The distributor would surely not allow them to raise the price too far if they felt it would be a negative for sales.

  • Hey, here is where we can finally say “bullshit” to the Sony pricing model they use in Australia.

    We always compare our prices to the US, and then we are told “no no no dont compare prices with the US, compare with Europe which is where Australia falls in line with”

    Well well according to VG247.com the Ultimate GOW box set in the UK will be 110pounds – and at todays exchange rate that is $193AU

    So explain the $57 price difference Sony? No excuse now… You set the price for EB to charge, so you need to explain this one

    • “no no no dont compare prices with the US, compare with Europe which is where Australia falls in line with”

      Unless I am mistaken, Australia is its own nation so why should the workings of the European Union have any influence on us?

      • Dont you follow game company talks?

        Everytime we complain about the discrepency between AU and US pricing we are always told that our region is lumped with EU and hence why our prices might be higher than the US, but comparable to EU

      • Australia is part of Europe.

        It’s a requirement to become CEO of a Games Publisher that you failed geography in school.

        • “Australia is part of Europe.

          It’s a requirement to become CEO of a Games Publisher that you failed geography in school.”

          Oh that’s mean! But it would not surprise me if that’s how they see things anyway.

  • Is it just me, or is EB Games monopolising the collector’s editions of games?

    Serious, I haven’t seen one recently that has been snagged by EB.

    I wish they would back off so that other retailers like JB HiFi can sell them to us at reasonable prices.

    • i think this might actually be jb’s ‘fault’. They were probably offered the collection and said yeaaaaaaaaaah no thanks not for 250

      Retailers have to take into account whether people will buy it. JB might have ordered 20 or so and EB 100 so then Sony says to JB match it or EB gets it.

      JB doesn’t feel the price point is good enough to sell the required quantities so pulls out.

  • Thank god this isn’t out until March… I’ve already got three games not yet started, then there’s Mass Effect 2 and Bioshock 2 nearly here… and then this!

  • Surely this shows what a joke the aussie rating system is. I’m glad it made it through, without having to be modified, but something like L4D2, was worse than this and couldn’t be classified without modification, c’mon!!

  • I have been looking at importing the ultimate edition but what about the dlc? the combat arena and dominus skin? I realize that I can just set up a US PlayStation account (which I probably might)but then ill have to muck around with different accounts with different saves. Sony have screwed us over

    • Why would you need a different save for?

      Simply download the DLC with your US account, and then refer back to you AU to account to play the game. Your DLC will be there as it stores it per console, not region of account

      Just like us who have imported Rock Band – we download our songs from teh US store but use our AU accounts to play and score trophies (RB2)

      • Thanks!!! That’s great :D. I thought dlc was account specific on the console as in I could only use it with my US account user…meaning that if i wanted a saved game on my main user (for trophy’s)I wouldn’t have the dlc. But I see how i could download it in my US account in the same user and then go back to my AUS account. Its strange in the foreign account tutorials how they tell you to create a different user. Thanks for that though I will probably import.

    • You can just download the dlc under your US account and it will be available to use under any other account on your PS3.

  • Igot mine from Gametraders Carousel in WA for $69 and that was over a month ago. Also Gametraders Carillon had it for the same price

  • David, is there any chance the GOW1&2 rehashes will be released on the PSN? Or is importing it the best option?

  • the pricing is ridiculous, and this was a special edition i really wanted to get purely on the box and games no way in hell ill have the money by then, so i guess its a miss, though im thinking pre-orders wont sell out so theres always the slight possibility of sales later in the year

  • For anyone interested, Fishpond has the Ultimate Trilogy Edition for $209.99 + free shipping Australia wide. It’s still expensive, but it sure beats EB Games’ festering $248.00 price tag.

  • It looks like this is no longer available to pre-order from EB Games, as it’s not listed. There IS a new one, though.


    At $118, it’s much more affordable. I’ll pass on it, though. Part of me wants to cry for not getting the pretty Pandora’s Box, but the other part of me wants to pat myself on the back for not forking out that much cash for a game I’ll probably only play once.

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