Grand Theft Auto V Mod Makes Guns Fire Cars Instead Of Bullets

Grand Theft Auto V Mod Makes Guns Fire Cars Instead Of Bullets

There have been many games with guns. There have been many games with cars. But guns that fire cars? Welcome to a new era.

Remember when we thought things couldn’t get any crazier than the chainsaw gun? Or the guns in Ratchet and Clank? Or Duke Nukem? Oh how naive we were. Here, today, we see the logical conclusion of video games.

Grand Theft Auto V‘s Car Cannon mod does pretty much exactly as advertised, although I would say it’s less of a cannon and more of a traffic fire hose. Pull the trigger on a machine gun and — boom — you’ve got yourself an endless procession of honking, careening automobile madness.

But that’s just the beginning. Wanna use a sniper rifle? Then you’ll get a single, long-range car. Or you can try a minigun and experience a truly horrifying vision of armageddon — or carmageddon if we’re being technical about it.

See it in action in this video from Darknewt:

And this one from GTA 5 Mods:

You can download the mod for free here.


  • If you want to try out a mod, try out riot mode. Good old fashioned fun to be had right there.

  • Well, with how PC is going, modding in Single Player will get you banned from the game entirely as well as online. Being shot with a modded gun that shoots money or being given a gun by a hacker/modder, even if you’re not the hacker/modder your self will get you banned. Using a Steam Community released mod to fix the FOV in First Person mode will get you banned.

    My friend used a mod to get his VR headset working with GTA V and he got banned as well.

    Don’t believe me? Go check out the Steam Community for GTA V and give that a good old read at how many people have been banned for mods.

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