Off Topic: How Was Game Of Thrones Last Night?

I'll be watching Game of Thrones tonight as I never got the chance to sit down last night. Therefore I'll be reading these comments a little bit later than usual.

But for those who are fully caught up — how was Game of Thrones last night?

I've been really enjoying this season so far, although I felt like episode four was probably the weakest so far. Hoping for episode five to crank up the quality again and get things moving.

What did you think?


    Did it really need zombies?

      They weren't zombies, they were men driven insane by the grayscale. If anything, comparable to rabid 'lizard men'.

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        I'd be driven mad by grayscale too... monochrome is soooo 1970s.

        They certainly played them up as zombies. No sound, silently converging on prey.

          The grayscale drives men savage and primal, and that's how beasts hunt prey.

    Valyria is basically Annor Londo, just saying.

    The episode was completely forgettable.

    Nothing happened.

      Unless they bring some more events forward that will be this entire season, the book wasn't much more interesting

    I was underwhelmed by this past episode. On saying that, it had enough dialogue to push a few plot lines forth. It was really one of "the calm before the storm" episodes (similar to how I viewed Season 2).

    I think we may see Stannis & Roose duking it out in Episode 7 or 8. Hopefully.

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    I liked it.

    Really interesting decision to take Jorah and Tyrion through Old Valyria (lol at "this isn't the Royne"). I always imagined it as really hard to get to, not simply avoided because of "the doom" that lingers over it. Giving Jorah grayscale came out of left field, I think they've got him wearing quite a lot of hats in place of characters not carried over from the books. The fact Jorah has jon Connington's dose of grayscale sort of lends credence to the "Tyrion is really a Targaryen" theory since 'the young Griff' aka Aegon Targaryen has never been introduced. Then again in the books Aegon returns to Westeros to rally Connington's bannermen to prepare to ride against King's Landing, so who knows at this point.

    Stannis marching on Winterfell this early gives me hope that we'll actually see Winterfell taken back and held by Sansa since Stannis needs the northmen on his side. This is still unresolved in the books as far as I recall (of course in the books it's a fake Arya who marries Ramsay and Sansa is still in the Vale with Littlefinger).

    There's really quite a lot happening if you accept that they're no longer even trying to retell the book events except as an extremely loose framework.

    I actually quite liked the episode. Didnt seem to suffer the pacing issues that have plagued the season so far. They actually focussed on one story for more than 2 minutes in this episode. Loved the Ramsey, Roose, Theon and Sansa dinner banter.

      I found it sort of painful. Ramsay is obviously playing it up heaps and Roose Bolton sort of just sits there and lets it happen. I'd have thought he'd put a stop to it.

    It's interesting to speculate now that the show has moved so far away from the books. Jorah's taken the place of Jon Connington, Sansa's taken the place of Jeyne Poole and it looks like Brienne's taking the place of Mance, but that doesn't really tell us how those storylines are going to play out. And with all the references to Rhaegar this season (and last night's "a Targaryen alone in the world..." line followed by Jon Snow's entrance) is it possible that Aegon is going to be replaced by Jon Snow next season?

    Either way this was definitely a set-up episode, but hinted at some good stuff to come - Stannis is marching south, Jon is riding north, and Tyrion and Jorah are nearly at Meereen, just in time for Dany to open to fighting pits.

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    Good episode as always, though it seemed odd that Roose Bolton would sit through all that rubbish during dinner.

    But how about the look on Ramsay's face when he finds out he's getting a brother?
    For those who have forgotten, Ramsay isn't a fan of siblings >8-)

    I found Khaleesi's seemingly random, brutal execution incredibly jarring and out of character. Her previous decision to execute a murder did not come lightly, yet here she is throwing a random, presumably innocent guy, to her dragons. Did I miss something?

      Her most trusted (and basically only) advisor being brutally murdered?

        Still, taking out her rage on the nearest person just seems out of character. She's been through a lot of trials and tragedy and emerged a queen who seems set on doing what's right and fair by everyone. Then she just murders a random powerful person to intimidate people. I like a good arc, but that gave me whiplash. Especially since the previous execution she ordered came with a heavy heart.

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