Remember This?

First, an apology to Decoy. Seems like I missed that he had guessed Bully correctly yesterday. I guess I'm so used to him guessing Biker Mice From Mars that I just skimmed over. Sorry big dawg.

As for yesterday, this might be the one time I thought Remember This was going to be difficult and it was ACTUALLY DIFFICULT.

Someone check for ice on the lakes of hell.

Anyway, looks like you all need a second clue. Glad to oblige.

Here's yesterday's image for easy reference:


    I have this weird feeling that second screenshot's been used for a Remember This before. Can't remember what it was though. Is it Gungrave: Overdose?

    Last edited 06/05/15 12:37 pm

    Fahrenheit popped into my head but I can't remember shells bouncing on the ground in any of it.

    Biker Mice from Mars!

    And no worries Serrels. i don't hold grudges... ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)

      lol... I guess giving the same answer does have its drawbacks. Oh well... I am sticking with demon souls

    Team fortress classic or non classic ?

    Last edited 06/05/15 12:57 pm

    This is driving me crazy, I think it was that Arena style shooter from the late 90s early 2000s with spacey weapons and stuff.. Arrrgh. Kind of like TIme Splitters.

      Man how awesome was Time Splitters; that's an IP I definitely miss!

    Newer pic looks like Goldeneye....

    Blood 2: The Chosen?

    State of Emergency!!!! HAHAHA Take THAT Serrels! Muahahahah

      DECOYYYYY!!!!! *shakes fist*

        hehe. I think this is my fifth one in 2 weeks now. Either im getting a better memory or my job is on a downturn allowing me to scour the interwebs for clues.

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