Reminder: Overwatch Still Exists And It Looks Great

It's weird how quickly the world of video games moves. Incredible games are announced and then we just sort of move on to the next one.

Remember Overwatch? Yeah, it's only the first major new series from Blizzard in like a million years.

But somehow I'd sort of forgotten about it. Thankfully the above video did a decent job of reminding me. It's from an early version of the game, but it reminds me of the fun I had with Overwatch, despite not really knowing what was going on, not being good at first person shooters on PC at all.

I'm super keen for Overwatch. It's a massive diversion for Blizzard and they seem to be taking it incredibly seriously — the idea that they can take the FPS and Blizzard the shit out of it: make it accessible, make it polished, make team-based play work on a whole new level.

I don't see a single reason why they can't.


    that looks quite cool. Lots of information to process on screen though, which is par for the course in modern shooters. But it's certainly polished in the way it looks.

    Reminds me of global agendas PvP, but with tf2 kinds of polish (though lacking the visual charm).

    Not really wowed by it, but it will be a solid alternative to the humdrum standard we're knee deep in.

    Well the people at blizzard are not the original blizzard people anyway, correct? Also aren't they like blizzard-activision? Blizzard never did a fps for a reason. Not exactly sure what that reason could've been.

    I’m super keen for Overwatch.

    Are you though? Like a lot of people you forgot it existed and it's a safe bet to say that by this time next week you won't be thinking about it anymore. I mean it's Blizzard, it's a new game, it's interesting looking and it's from people who normally make you piss your pants with anticipation over a trailer revealing a slight nerf to Mages Frost Blast cast time, so why is Overwatch so easily pushed to the back of our thoughts?
    I can't figure out if I'm just not into Overwatch but I get excited out of some Pavlovian response, or if I've just reached a point with Blizzard where I'm so used to waiting in silence that my brain automatically processes this stuff on the spot then forgets about it, knowing that I'll get more info when I get more info so there's no point staying excited.

    I havent bought a blizzerd game since they did the whole online only diablo 3 (which I didnt buy). There are so many other good games out at the moment, or coming out soon, that I doubt I will be spending any money on this. Also I never played the life sink that was WOW

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