Resident Evil Zero Is Getting HD Remaster

Resident Evil Zero Is Getting HD Remaster

And it’s headed for, deep breath, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.

The game is a prequel to the first Resident Evil game and follows the characters Billy Coen and Rebecca Chambers as they discover the origin of the T-virus.

Resident Evil Zero Is Getting HD Remaster
Resident Evil Zero Is Getting HD Remaster

Originally released on the GameCube in 2002, a Wii version was released back in 2009. I don’t see a Nintendo platform this go round. That’s not totally surprising, because back in 2014 (2015 internationally), Capcom released a hi-def version of the 2002 game Resident Evil. No Nintendo platforms for that HD version, either.

Resident Evil Zero Is Getting HD Remaster

According to Famitsu, Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster will be out in early 2016 in Japan. No word yet on an international release.


  • Another skip for the Wii u, why Capcom, why? You’re raking in the monster hunter gold, give something back! :/

    But dayum, there’s a lotta remasters getting around at the moment!

  • Sweet. I was hoping for this. It makes sense when you consider that RE0 doesn’t really need anything more than what they gave REMake. With any luck Resident Evil HD justified the work required to remake the mammoth RE2 and RE0 is just for the sake of getting something out in the mean time.
    If Capcom play their cards right they could get their assets up to scratch they can release RE0-Code Veronica at the start of every console generation. As long as they keep the price down I’ll be happy with that.

  • Um, wasn’t this confirmed like a year ago?

    Anyways, the problem with zero is that it’s one of the ‘lesser’ RE titles and probably won’t sell as well as RE1. Meaning Cacpom won’t invest in a RE2 remake.

    • I’m guessing since Resident Evil HD worked out so we’ll they’ve already had the RE2 remake conversation and made their choice one way or the other. The only way I see RE0’s performance mattering to that decision is if they decided that a RE2 remake wasn’t financially viable and somehow RE0 does an amazing enough job to change their mind.
      If I were a gambling man I’d say they decided to make RE2 HD and figured since that’ll be Christmas 2016 at the earliest they might as well push out RE0 in the meantime, since it only needs a fraction of the work.

      • The other thing to take into account is the work that would go into a RE2 remake as opposed to RE0, which really only needs an upscale, much like they did with RE1. While they did do some additional work on top of the basic upscaling for RE1 (I think they remodeled Lisa Trevor’s tomb, for example), it doesn’t compare to the amount of work required to basically rebuild the entirety of RE2. I can’t imagine Capcom seeing this as feasible, unfortunately.

        • It’s the fatal flaw with PS1 era pre-rendered graphics. The technology was so new that the level of detail is far too low to just remaster at a higher resolution, so they essentially have to remake an entire games worth of assets from scratch. It’s almost more work than creating the originals, which were AAA budget titles that used the large disc space and pre-rendered graphics as a way of creating massive environments.
          Although as a long term investment it can still be profitable. Think of Resident Evil 0-3 as a single investment that gets re-released every console generation. As long as you don’t have to invest in printing/distributing physical copies of the game a ‘Racoon City Collection’ will continue to sell until the end of time. Ten years of Resident Evil 2 HD being on Steam would be worth the cost of making it happen.

  • Capcom scraping the bottom of the Resident Evil barrel since the atrocity that was RE6…

  • Fuck. Yes.

    Three of the better games updated and preserved for future play on PC. Well, 4 wasn’t exactly a great port but once its on PC it can be fixed so it’s cool.

  • I hate that once again better RE games (RE2 & Code Veronica) are left to gather dust on Capcom shelves while a bland mid-tier game like Zero is getting a revamp

    • To be fair Code Veronica X HD can be purchased for $29 on the PS3 and XBOX 360 stores. It’s had three separate versions released over five consoles, so it’s not as neglected as it seems.

      • If PC isn’t one of the systems it is released on then its considered neglected.

      • Bought Code Veronica for $10 in an xbox live sale last year.. still haven’t played it lol, have heard it’s good much get in on that. It’s been as low as $5 for Gold sub members I think.. didn’t realise it wasn’t just a PS2/DC port though and it had shinier graphics..

  • It was inevitible.

    Now remastering RE2 and 3 will be a bigger job if they ever do it. I hope they do.

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