Skyrim D&D Ruins TV, But That's OK

Skyrim D&D Ruins TV, But That's OK

So awpluke and some friends thought they'd spice their D&D game up by replacing a table with a flipped-over 50" TV. Then putting Skyrim on that TV.

Running the flycam toggle (which gives you a birds-eye view), they could give their tablecloth/imaginations a break and play D&D on some pretty badass scenery.

Moving all those pieces surely couldn't have been good for the surface of the TV, but if you're gonna scratch a big TV, there can be few nobler ways to do it.


    That can't be a good idea. Someone can easily drop something onto the screen. Even if you are careful I hope there's some sort of protection over the screen.

    Frankly I don't see why they can't just take a screenshot then open up Photoshop with the players on different layers and just move them around to remind the players where their current location is.

      God forbid if metal dice came into play.

        I have a large d20 that flashes when it lands on critical hit.

          I was gonna throw my nose up and be all, "PFFT, what a nerd"

          But deep down, I am soo jealous.

    Plastic is way softer than glass so no way they're gonna scratch it.

    aren't regular flatscreen TVs over a certain size meant to be kept upright anyway just due to structural stresses?

      Led TVs don't really have a problem, if it was a plasma they'd probably have fucked it lol

      Correct, but that's probably at the 48in+ mark. LEDs are flimsy as all hell even upright.

    That looks really cool but it needs a grid for movement.

    Wouldn't all the issues be solved if you just put a sheet of clear rigid plastic over the top of the TV? That way you can use the TV for all different maps without needing to print anything, and no threat of damage.

    In latest news: Australia imposes a new tax for flipping over TVs and playing games on them

    I've never seen D&D played before.

    We use TVs like this all the time for virtual pinball machines :)

    Oh man, this is great idea for when I finally build by touchscreen coffee table!

      yeah the touchscreen surfaces tend to be better designed for this stuff - it's why Kickstarters like Playsets were such good ideas when tablets were becoming more prominent
      ( - old KS link for reference, though I keep an eye on their FB page for some of their updates)

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