Ark: Survival Evolved Player Creates Murderous Dodo Bird Army

Ark: Survival Evolved Player Creates Murderous Dodo Bird Army

Ark: Survival Evolved is the third most popular game on all of Steam right now, and there's an obvious reason for that: dinosaur-annihilating dodo bird armies.

Jessa of NerdHunk took advantage of Ark's best feature — the ability to tame Jurassic beasts and have them do your bidding — to create an army of seemingly harmless dodo birds. Then she told them to hunt dinosaurs. Massive dinosaurs.

Things went well! Er, for a little while.

This, in a nutshell, is why I prefer Ark to other survival games. It's far from finished, but the animal/dinosaur AI makes for some magnificently dumb, fun moments. Mix that with other players and, well, it's a recipe for a mass extinction event. But a fun mass extinction event, unlike that awful one the real dinosaurs hosted. Take that, dinosaurs. Video games are so much cooler than you.


    I started playing ARK this week with a mate
    Even for an EA game, its awesome fun
    Give it a go

    Give it a go for sure, but give PvE a try. PvP is (not surprisingly) full of nothing but dbags and griefers.

    Just be prepared for the fact that it is EA and its buggy and not yet optimised.

    As for the dino taming, best hope you have a lot of time up your sleeve, because taming can often times take quite a while, and we're talking several hours of running around farming meat/berries for the dino to eat while also farming/making narcotics to keep it unconscious while taming.

    And then you have to hope no one comes along and kills it while you're trying to tame it!

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