Fallout 4 On Xbox One Will Have Mods

Fallout 4 On Xbox One Will Have Mods

Any mods created on the PC version of Fallout 4? Console folks will be able to play that too, Todd Howard announced during Microsoft's E3 presser. Wow!

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    I'd say it would disable achievements if a mod is enabled which would get annoying.

    Especially if it wrer just like a HUD/inventory change that didn't impact gameplay.

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      Maybe there will be Bethesda approved mods that won't disable achievements.

      The HUD removal was awesome for NV and F3. It really increased the immersion.

      It's rare I ever had a mod on PC for Skyrim or Fallout mess with Steam (or GFWindowsLive in Fallout 3) achievements, so unless they specifically go out of their way to disable them with mods then it shouldn't.

      Most mods for previous Fallout and Elder Scrolls games actually plugged into the game in the same way all the DLC did, and as long as their content didn't deliberately alter areas related to achievements it was a non-issue.

      Given that Fallout 4 has already been announced to be using an updated Skyrim engine, it stands to reason the file structures will be largely the same as it has since Morrowind.

    Is this going to be xbox one only, and not PS4? Did they wrangle some sort of exclusivity there?

      I get the feeling it's because of the whole xbox one running Windows-ish that made it a lot more achievable.

        eurogamer have an update on their story, saying that mods are coming to PS4 too, just that XBO will get it first.

          Sweet! I wonder how it'll all work. I hope they don't try pulling the paid mods thing again.

            Bethesda (ZeniMax) 'Paid mods failed on steam... Maybe it will work on our own version of steam? :) '

    Please no more timed exclusives with DLCs or anything. It's only hurt players with Destiny and tbh, it goes against what Bethesda said about doing stuff for the players

      Unfortunately they wont be going anywhere as long as ms/sony hand out bags of cash to snag exclusives. At the end of the day very few large dev companies (cdpr maybe?) genuinely have players first and foremost as its #1 priority - it's money, how do they make more money without pissing off their playerbase to much. Obviously some are worse than others.

      For this mod stuff i think it's more likely backend development. It's unlikely that most mods make use of any OS calls rather its all self contained in the games binary/libraries. It's much more likely sony just doesn't have a delivery system for it.

      Also taking bets that mods will be charged for. Calling it now beth want to charge a premium for ppl using mods. They want that free cash, the skyrim debacle was just the start. It's gonna happen.

      It's simple just don't buy a Ps4, its not like they have any decent exclusives either... They couldn't even hang onto Tomb Raider...

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