Final Fantasy VII Scenes That Would Look Crazy In The Remake

Final Fantasy VII Scenes That Would Look Crazy In The Remake

The announcement trailer of Final Fantasy VII‘s remake showed a slightly darker and more realistic world compared to the 1997 game. And with an aesthetic like that it’s almost impossible to imagine how some of the crazier parts of the original game would look.

Take Cloud’s cross-dressing scene for example and compare it to the shot above from the trailer. But that’s just one example everybody’s talking about. Final Fantasy VII is full of crazy and funny moments like that and one of the most exciting things with this remake will be to see how Square Enix would handle them.

(Watch out for spoilers below.)

The entire part of Don Corneo’s mansion would be a funny thing to see with updated graphics.

Or this part at the Honey Bee Inn.

But it’s not just about Cloud having an unusual day. There’s a part where Red XIII has to sneak up on a cargo ship disguised as a human.

Certain Shinra members had some funny scenes too. Just think about Hojo enjoying the sun at Costa del Sol or Palmer’s meeting with a truck.

Then there’s the “slap off” between Tifa and Scarlet on the Sister Ray.

The possibility of fighting as frogs (or toads) against other frogs.

The “Evil Dragon King” play with Cloud and Aeris.

The marching soldiers at Junon and the related mini-game.

And what are the things that would probably look the coolest? Maybe the “Knights of the Round” summon animation.

Or Sephiroth’s “footprints”.

And it’s really just the tip of the iceberg. Feel free to put all the other similar moments in the comments.

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  • Coolest bits would be the entire journey down to the centre of the planet to fight Sephiroth at the end of the game, the Weapons being released, the flashback to Nibelheim, Escape from Midgar (the whole motorbike scene!!), fighting Ultima Weapon and too many more!

    Weird, Dio and his g-string at Gold Saucer!!

  • Oh God they better include the Date with Barret or i’m boycotting the game! /s

  • I have a feeling that they’ll remove all the silly charm from the game and make it into an edgy grimdark depression simulator. Apparently that’s what the kids are into these days.

  • Something I’m looking forward to is seeing how crazy they can make Cloud’s inner world (Where he has to literally pull himself together). The Chocobo racing course will be interesting to see too.
    Oh, and the Queen’s Room from the Honeybee Inn. Maybe I’ll finally be able to understand what the heck is going on in there.

  • as long as they at least give the OPTION of playing it as a turn based RPG I will be happy. if they turn it to any thing from 12, 13, or 15 with out giving me the choice of playing it classic mode I will pass.

    • you found Yufie! if you would like to unlock her as a playable character please go to the PSN and purchase the FU character bundle!! (Vincent not included)

  • How about that snowboarding mini-game! That was one of my favourite parts..

    Church scene will be awesome.

  • It will be so great if they dont fuck this up……also now I kind of want to go play the original again.

  • Things that I am wondering:

    – the world map… what it’s going to be like…
    – Chocobo riding on the worldmap (I hope I still remember how to get the golden and black chocobo…)
    – those key scenes… Niffleheim, Aerith’s well… you-know-what in the city of the ancient, WEAPON vs.sister ray.
    – Omnislash!!!! and Knight of the Round animation as mentioned above :p

  • I’m so glad I’m not the only one still frantic like a little school girl over the FF7 Remake news then 😉

    Riding Chocobos and Mr.Dolphin – summons in general – the world map – the Phoenix on the tower and the mini-game battle you play there and the temple of the ancients will look stunning – SO MUCH Excite! Simply cannot wait 🙁

  • Everyone’s talking about graphics, and moments. I want to know that the soundtrack isn’t going to be ruined. Without that soundtrack, so much of the game would be lost.

  • Link was wearing a Dress in Tri Force Heroes and I hope Cloud will continue to wear one in the remake of VII =)

  • That interesting stratagy battle to protect the giant condor.
    Following Jenova’s blood trail in Shinra’s headquarters.
    Seeing Barret’s and Dyne’s arm shot to pieces.

    Hoping to see, them incorporate or hint to other canon characters from Crisis Core, Advent Children, and that Turks cellphone game. Making Cait Sith less worthless (more limit breaks). And maybe getting to see the different hairpins Red XIII equips!

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