Heroes Of The Storm And Team Fortress Look Nice Together

Heroes Of The Storm And Team Fortress Look Nice Together

For some reason, this screenshot makes me imagine Zeratul saying: “You call that a knife? This is a knife!” That also means I have to give Zeratul a strong Australian accent, which I want to call Protaustralian and make StarCraft canon.

Reddit user Tolkfan put together an album of screenshots made in the Source Filmaker that imagine a world in which Valve’s Team Fortress characters coexist with Blizzard ones who’ve made it into Heroes of the Storm so far. Unsurprisingly, the images are beautiful:

The fanart is a cool thought experiment. Though I guess it makes sense that the two fit well together. Valve’s other game Dota 2 was inspired by a popular mod to Blizzard’s Warcraft III that recycled many of the RTS game’s assets, so Valve and Blizzard’s aesthetics have been feeding off each other for a while now.

Tolkfan told me the images were made with Source Filmmaker assets uploaded to the forum SFMLab by a user named Yaron. That original album has some cool Heroes fan art of its own too, such as this image of Johanna:

So OP right now.