N++ Features More Ninjas Than You Can Handle

Remember N+? It wasn't as celebrated as Super Meat Boy or as widely debated as Braid, but I liked it. I like all stupidly difficult platformers with a sense of weight and style. N+ had both in spades and the sequel — N++ — looks a little bit bananas.

No idea when the game is coming out. The team is currently in the process of squashing bugs, but is fairly confident the game can be submitted for certification. The plan is to release the game on PS4 shortly afterwards. Almost certainly we'll be able to play it before the end of the year.

Metanet Software, the team behind the game, has released a ton of footage in the meantime, which is useful for me personally — I wasn't even aware a sequel was in the works.

It looks good. Actually, a better description might be this: it sounds good. The music in these trailers is pretty spectacular and has me sold on the game more than the game itself.

Honestly, this soundtrack is absolutely badass and I'm super keen to hear more.

(And also play the game.)

You can find out more here


    I'm so down for this. Absolutely loved the first game, even though the difficulty got a bit much for me toward the end.

    Absolutely loved the original. It was one of the first XBLA titles I ever bought. Looking forward to this very much now that I know about it!

    Everyone please buy this so that they make mad bank and bring it to Xbox. (Aside from altruistic reasoning, it's also a really fun game.)

    It all started with an online game. You can have a play with it here. I don't think this is the original one they started with, but it's good.

    I used to play this in the office when I was waiting for inbound calls and had smashed my other work for the day. How time flies!!

    N+ was genius - I finished the XBLA edition as well as the DS version.
    I'm keenly anticipating the sequel.

    ... which belongs on Vita with cross-buy / play, by the way.

    we still have a handful of codes to the closed Beta we're running right now for N++! You'll have to make a US/Can PSN account but it's easy. If you have a PS4 and want to try the Beta before the full game comes out, email metanet at metanetsoftware.com!

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