Remember This?

Looks like you all need a second clue. Understandable. This one is a humdinger.

And just for reference: here's the first clue:

Good luck everyone!


    Deus Ex

    Yeah see I'm still thinking Resident Evil on the PS1 but I know that's not it.

    I'm pretty sure its Clock Tower on Ps1. I guessed that on Friday and I'm gonna guess it again,.

      Maybe it isn't PS1?

        Maybe hes being really specific because the first game was 2D and hes after a specific version like Clock Tower: The First Fear or Clock Tower 3?

        Never played any so I have no idea :)

      You win!

        scissorman; any relation to sugarman?

          It's actually Cutman keeping the bills paid while he waits for the next Megaman game.

    I'm definitely getting a horror game vibe, graphics look to be PS1?

    So lets throw out some names! RE1, one of the Clock Tower games, Dracula: Last Sanctuary, Echo Night, Juggernaut.

    I thought it was Duke Nukem Time to kill, but Julesy is right. Clocktower & Clocktower 2 were pretty awesome games

    Operation: WInback?

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