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    PREVIOUSLY, ON TAY-BOURS (Post E3 Cooldown Edition)
    TAYbies have gathered around a ouija board to commune with the spirits of the dead.
    All but one candle are extinguished by a sudden gust of wind. Suddenly, the marker begins to move across the board. It rests upon three letters. O. A. R.

    Tigerion: Oar? It…it can’t mean…

    Silently, Harli emerges from the shadows, brandishing the legendary Oar and a wicked smile.
    Bish runs screaming down a Sydney street. Pants follows behind him, arms outstretched.

    Pants: Hug me! Huuuuug meeeee!

    Bish: Never!
    At Sony’s E3 conference, Treyarch appear on stage to announce their newest game.

    Treyarch guy: Now I know you’re all excited for Black Ops III, but we’ve decided to bring something else into the mix and we think you’re all going to love it.

    Screens light up. Text: Call of Duty: Blagh Ops III. Gameplay footage of Blaghman clones acting as soldiers in an epic war.
    On a dark and stormy night, Shane is troubled by a knocking at his front door. Cautiously, he opens it, revealing a rain-spattered –

    Shane: DC?! But you should be dead!

    DC: So should you.

    DC raises a gun and fires.
    Federal agents have corned Ynefel at the top of the world’s largest dam.

    Policeman Transient: Put your hands up and surrender! There’s nowhere left to go!

    Ynefel looks around him, and smiles.

    Ynefel: Yes there is.

    He jumps into the watery depths far below.
    TAYbies are amongst others gathered at a very formal and highly prestigious event.

    Announcer: Please welcome, the new President of the free world, Lady Strange!

    Strange walks to a podium as thunderous applause greets her. She gestures to the wall behind her, where a quilt-flag unfurls behind her. The applause continues, but nobody notices as her smile curls into something more menacing.
    Pants and Powalen stand before a group of TAYbies.

    Powalen: Behold! Our new apartment!

    Both point to a fort made entirely of beanbags, couch cushions and boxes of Shapes. Everyone applauds.
    Rize plays the theremin in a jazz ensemble.
    In a grand cathedral, TAYbies have gathered to celebrate the wedding of Freeze and an unnamed but beautiful woman. The ceremony, performed for some reason by TransientMind, is drawing to a close.

    As Transient speaks, a soft banging is heard in the distance, growing louder over time.

    ???: Freeze! Freeeeze!

    Freeze turns away. Nobs is banging on the glass from a room upstairs overlooking the ceremony.

    Nobs: Freeze!

    Freeze is bewildered and panicked. He looks back and forth between his beautiful bride-to-be and Nobs. Finally, he tosses his ring to the side and runs. Nobs meets him at the cathedral doors. They take each others’ hand and run out, catch a conveniently timed bus (when is transport ever that good?) and ride off into the sunset.

      I laugh, but seriously, please don't ever touch me again.

        You count your blessings. Do you know what some people would do to be included in one of these? You don't know how lucky you are! There are kids starving for attention and you would throw yours away so flippantly?

        GO TO YOUR ROOM! :'(

      Best one yet, i particularly enjoyed Blagh ops III, mostly because i am in fact payrolling someone to make that.

      I need to know where you're getting your intel from....

      I like to think that @rize is the only member of the jazz ensemble and he's playing every instrument.

        Isn't that how you jazz?

        *prepares jazz spoons*

    But don't you see? TAY was in your heart the whole time! :')

    What's happening?

    I'm back at work after 4 days off sick.
    It's cold at 5am. It's cold riding in the rain.
    The Office is comfortably warm.

    Good morning everybody, and happy Batman week.

    Alas, I will not be playing it though. I've been planning to build a gaming PC for the last few years and never got around to it, I found out Ozgameshop had Steam keys for $29.99AUD, so I bought one, even though my laptop is unable to run the game, I thought I'd use it as motivation to get off my arse and finally start building a gaming rig.

    Oh, and if anyone's interested in picking Arkham Knight up for 30 bucks, Ozgameshop still have Steam keys.

      Also Yoshi's Woolly World week! So much Woolly! So much world!

      Also Tales from the Borderlands ep3, for those interested!

      Last edited 22/06/15 8:54 am

      Wish I knew about them keys before I spent all my pay. No Batman for me as I'm feeling bitter about the whole batmobile edition farce

        I did post about it on here and Twitter on Saturday.

          I had a lazy weekend of as little social media as possible :-D blame the technological hermit in me

    Who has 14 new albums to listen to but decides to listen to Sam Smith's "I know your not the only one" 14 times on repeat.

    MORNING TAY, So now im back in townsville i feel so much happier. Like a huge weight has been lifted. I also have lost like 3 kilos because im not stress eating which is good. Im also growing a beard and damn i look legit. After 50 hours of Ark evolved i decided for a break last week, so now im on a Kerbal Space binge.


      Wooo! Glad you're feeling better, Rockets! And also I think we all need Rocket beard pics eventually!

      Logged into Ark on the weekend:
      "oh good, most of the floor is destroyed and our dinos are gone"
      *logs out*

        Probably died due to lack of food, Ill probably pick it up again in a few months when its closer to finish and there is some more content.

      Im also growing a beard and damn i look legit.

      I too am getting beardy. I think at this point it could be a new PB. Would have to check up on that.

    Oktoberfest Brisbane. It's gonna be a thing. There's talk that both @shiggyninty AND @bdkiaf are interested.

      Should really start thinking about lederhosen, hey.

        Gonna see what the best date is for Shiggy before nailing down a specific weekend, but we'll do that either way soonish so it's easier for impulsive interstate visitors. :D

          I've got it marked down for both weekends until we lock in a specific date, that way I don't accidentally book something in and miss out.

        Got mine picked out.

      Just going to post these here so we don't forget...

      Und ich flieg, flieg, flieg wie ein Flieger
      Bin so stark, stark, stark wie ein Tiger
      Und so groß, groß, groß wie 'ne Giraffe
      So hoch oh, oh, oh
      Und ich spring, spring, spring immer wieder
      Und ich schwimm, schwimm, schwimm zu dir über
      Und ich nehm, nehm, nehm dich bei der Hand,
      Weil ich dich mag
      Und ich sag

      Heut ist so ein schöner Tag
      Heut ist so ein schöner Tag
      Heut ist so ein schöner Tag

        I think I might need to study the dance this year too. For science.

      Aaargh. I'd love to go but still trying to sure up money for PAX...

        Oktoberfest is the New PAX, a Netflix Original Series.

          The animals. The animals. They drink, drink, drink, 'cause the glass is full.

    Bloody hell, I just made the mistake of adding up my steam sale splurging... $150!

    The worst part being that I'm still tempted by Ryse, Wolfenstein & Tales From The Borderlands. I suppose this is what I get for resisting so well in the last few sales...

      The only thing on sale I was keen on was Ori and the Blind Forest and I held off since there's an onslaught of new games this week and I'll probs get it eventually on the Xbone. So spent $0. *flails arms*

      I spent around $100 which was about what I had allocated. Figured a budget of around $50 and as long as i didn't double that I would be fine.
      Pretty happy with that considering what I got was
      Rollers of the Realm
      Lili: Child of Geos
      Assassin's Creed 3 Standard Edition
      Hand Of Fate
      Life Is Strange Episode 1
      The Fall
      The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
      J.U.L.I.A.: Among the Stars
      Alien: Isolation
      How to Survive
      Invisible, Inc.
      Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments
      Valkyria Chronicles
      Child of Light
      Tales from the Borderlands
      Sir, You Are Being Hunted Steam

      Should keep me busy until next sale.

      I only spent ~ $45 AUD. Bought Ori, Shovel Kanigut and Offworld Trading Company, and I had some cash in my steam wallet which dropped it a little.

      Wish I'd bought Sunset, now that I've seen stuff from the devs (I completely forgot it existed), but I'll probably grab it once I'm paid, sale price or not.

      What are the chances you can be tempted by this Rize?

      *lifts dress to show ankle*

    Dammit, got sick on Friday arvo, had a sad-sack weekend, and now it's back to work...

    But then my pebble time arrived, and the happy little sun icon helped me turn my frown upside down.

    Now to waste the next hour looking at all of the watch faces...

      Some of those little Pebble faces are very clever and cute.

      I've still got a month to wait for my Steel. :(

    C'mon Arkham knight break street date you know you wanna.... you know you wanna... I've only got an exam thursday.... nothing important. C'mon damn it.

      *game gets cancelled morning of release date*

        My not overreaction at all to such news?


          Sounds like the kind of villainous overreaction that we'd need some kind of superhero to counter, perhaps one dressed remotely like some kind of flying rodent


              Does whatever a squirrel can
              buries his nuts
              in a park
              raids your bins
              after dark
              look out!
              Here comes squirrelman!

                Oh dude... ROUND OF APPLAUSE! lol.


    Killed it at Karaoke this weekend. I sang Wrecking Ball. What a mess.

    ALSO they have Escape the Room dealies at Strike Bowling in Wintergarden! Super stoked to do one of these soon.

      Fact: I've never been to karaoke without making a complete dick of myself.

      Escape the room things are rad.
      Keep track of everything you find. look in even the most obscure places. not everything is relevant.

      I wouldn't mind doing one again...
      have fun!

      I have a new song i want to sing at karaoke its Low by flo Rida, i believe i have just enough street cred to pull it off.

      I hope the Karaoke place we go to has added some killer tracks from Taylor Swift's 1989! *manly fringe flick*

        THIS ONE DID NOT! I was mega-disappointed by this, and so I had to sing We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together instead, which is GOOD, but is no Blank Space/Shake It Off.

          I hope you torched that Karaoke bar to the ground and salted the Earth! :P

            A winning proposition for all karaoke bars in general.
            *folds-arms* *firm nod*

            Last edited 22/06/15 12:55 pm

    Hola Tay

    I had a busy weekend. Went to Christmas in June at a friend's house on Saturday, made mulled wine and some lime curd tartlets. Good fun, stuffed myself full of turkey and ham. Yesterday I went to my grandfather's 86th birthday. Also played some more Witcher and more Infamous Second Son.

    A Monday Morning Question: This week, BATMAN! Which other comic character needs a game as good as the Arkham series?

      Howard the Duck :P

      Edit: But seriously, a detective game with attitude like that in the new Howard the Duck where you snoop around for clues and team up with/fight other Marvel Superheros? Yes pls.

      Last edited 22/06/15 9:45 am


      Official description from DC
      Former superhero and leader of the Section 8, currently delusional drunk. Claims to have fought Bane and Doomsday simultaneously before waking up in a puddle of his own piss due to their bladder-disrupting powers. If Dipsomania was a power, he'd be unbeatable.

      Last edited 22/06/15 9:50 am

      Not many other comic characters would work in the Arkham style. Daredevil would probably be pretty good though.

      Superman needs a game that can outdo Superman 64.

      Whether that means "actually be a good game" or "set a new record for terribleness", I'll leave open to interpretation.

    Watched a lot of Vikings on the weekend, now part way into season 2.
    Thanks to auto play next episode I didn't initially realise that I was already into season 2, but there's definitely a big transition in the man candy department from season 1 to 2 - if season 1 was a 7/10, then season 2 has cranked it to about a 12/10. Now I see what people were talking about. Not just man candy though, the second season has added more interesting characters and decent character/story progression, so I'm looking forward to finishing this season more than the last.
    But did I mention Man Candy? If it's at all your thing, it's worth pushing through to season 2. I feel like I'm not able to feel the level of appreciation that it should deserve so I must spread the word to make up for that.

      Vikings' Man Candy is not just Man Candy, it's MAN! Candy. :D

        It took about 4 episodes of season 2 for it to gradually filter through my brain that the MAN CANDY things were happening and I hadn't noticed.
        I think annoying kid replacement joining the battle was really the final exclamation point on MAN CANDY that hammered it through my thick skull.

    This seems like the worst advice ever unless you wanted to make yourself seem a tad short bus.

      It'd look like you were scanning reply options in a dialogue tree

        I don't understand what I'm doing wrong, all I doing is interrupting him and saying "I've had enough of your disingenuous assertions"

      See if someone paused after I spoke I'd panic that they hated me. Haha!

      (Though I do think I have a habit of interrupting people when I get too excitable. :S)

        Also I feel like sometimes good conversation relies on interruptions, impromtu jokes and chemistry between the people. LifeHacker always makes me feel like they just view the world like they're in some giant business meeting always. :P

          A good 2/3rds of my conversations with school friends is basically just "Ohmygoddidyouseethisthing-yesIdiditlookssocool-there'sabitwherexyzhappensermagerd-heyFriendlet'stalkabouthowmychwebothloveJourneyandTransistor-JourneyandTransistor!-MusicalTheatre-MusicalTheatre-MusicalTheatre-Yaaaay."

          We basically just gush for a good few minutes. It's great.

          *@freezespreston standing in front of a projector screen*
          Freeze: "So as you can see by this pie chart, my joke is indeed good"

          Funny actually, one of my 'worst' conversational habits is finishing sentences if someone leaves a partial one hanging for too long - that's because I generally have to preempt a lot of what is being said just to keep up with a standard conversation pace, so my brain is already in that unfilled space with the rest of the sentence.

            Definitive proof you're paying attention. I wouldn't mind that. :)

              If I do it too much, it starts to feel a bit disingenuous. Also a bit like I'm putting too much effort into that and not enough into the actual conversation.

      You want to make friends, talk about microwave antics, cuz lifehacker has you covered!

        Uh, microwave? What's that? don't you mean breadbox?

      Ohhhh... So people think that I have a less terrible personality because it generally takes me about 2 seconds just to figure out what was said from the jumble of partial noises that I get to hear.

        The speech part of my brain is slow to warm up, so if someone speaks to me when I'm not ready I'll typically fit in "What? Sorry." before I've realised what they've said and hurriedly respond to it to cover up my previous statement.


        Or I default to politely laughing.

      I work with a person who does that.

      Not trying to be mean, but: I'm fairly confident he's slowing down mentally.

        There are a lot of people with undiagnosed hearing loss, it may not be mental.

          True. Either way, he's retiring soon which will means he has an excuse for both answers :P

      I think it depends on what is said afterwards. I you are describing you boss and work situation and then at the end of that they wait 2 seconds and say Yep. you might think that
      However if they wait 2 seconds and then say Well this one boss I had when I was working on a coaco plantation in Uruguay with my best girl.... the 2 second pause would work

    Had a pretty good weekend. Did Laser Tag on Friday night. Saturday and Sunday were basically just watching movies and sport, apart from church on Sunday.

    The movies I watched were: Sneakers, Van Wilder: Party Liaison, Van Wilder 2: Rise of Taj, The Simpsons Movie, Zoom: Academy for Super Heroes, Transformers: Age of Extinction, Contagion, I Am Legend, Hercules, The Legend of Hercules and The Shining.

    Some good movies in that bunch, also some terrible ones. Despite the bad stuff I'd heard about Age of Extinction, I enjoyed it more than Revenge of the Fallen or Dark of the Moon.

    Contagion, Sneakers and The Shining were my 3 picks of the bunch. The Shining still creeps me out even though I've seen it a few times now. Contagion made me want to disinfect every surface in my house.

    All in all, pretty good stuff.

    Whoa it's early.

    Played a whole bunch of Splatoon on the weekend, checking out the new depot level. Didn't play a whooooole lot in Regular, but it seemed pretty good in that. It's really interesting for Ranked though, with the whole laterally-asymmetrical design. Leaves the splat zone open to being accessed from both the back and the side, and if your team's not paying too much attention the enemy can sneak around and get you from the rear too. Managed to work my way up to rank A-, and broke a million coins in the bank. The stupid stores don't give me anything new to buy each day, the last few it's been just a single crappy shirt. Worst :P

    Upcoming Star Fox has me wanting to run through the series again, especially since I can hardly remember Assault. Got the SNES out last night and started playing through Starwing again. God damn this game is hard as balls. It was a struggle to get through route 2, and I'm still yet to ever beat route 3. Just had one go of that before bed, and managed to get to Macbeth for what I think is only the second time ever (usually get stuck at Sector Z), but couldn't get past the huge battlecruiser boss thing at the end, unable to hit the one last little port on top of it each time. Also I forgot how bad the SNES controller is, so damn uncomfortable.

    Being away for work the week of E3 means I had to survive on tiny scraps of news and Twitter to find out what was announced/happened. The fact that this was happening while the Steam sale was on and I had no Internet and shitty mobile reception where I was staying made it more difficult.
    Still managed to spend like $80 on games, though.

    Also, Splatoon seems pretty great but haven't had a chance to play online yet. We should organise a thing some time, if it hasn't been done already.

      I think we're waiting until after the first update in August before any Splatoon nights are planned. There are no friend lobbies at the moment so it's a bit hard to get lots of people in the same game!

      Last edited 22/06/15 10:46 am

        Fair enough. I guess I'll go a different path to Mario Kart and actually play it before jumping in with friends so I can keep up :P

      E3 in a nutshell:
      -every game has a playable beta
      -every game has a powered armour suit
      -every game that could not exist has vampirically sapped the life of BGE2 to fuel their own resurrection

    Man, fuck FTL! That game is so addictive that I can't just play for 5 minutes before bed. It turns into 2 hours.

    Anyways, for this weeks episode of D&D the DM was sick, so the annoying bard player (who likes to think he's the DM) decided to play in his place just for simple, gold gathering missions. He brought a new player who hasn't played D&D before and gave the paladin a vision as an excuse to bring him in (he needs an advisor). So we travel to a village that was surrounded in death (which for no reason nobody in the world was curious about) and find out that the entire town was covered in zombies. The only santuary was a Palour temple that was untouched.

    Apparently this was a very important temple for Palour and for no reason had no guards or priests. We go inside and find a priest at the end of his rope as he's been holed up here for a month. Suddenly, there's a burst of bright light as the new player is summoned to this world and wipes out the entire town.

    We head back and the DM gives us a simple combat encounter for the new player to get acclimated to the game. Problem is how he set it up. A creature with a speed of 10 and no intelligence, somehow managed to not only sneak up on me but also jump from the shrubbery and rush me down before I could act. Pinning me down and taking out half my health (Another player and I think this player likes to pick on me). That encounter lasts a round but we're still annoyed how it happened. We would have been happy with zombies or gnolls.

    Then we find an abandoned house. Sleeping the night I discover on my watch that it's haunted and wake up the party. This encounter goes for like 3 hours because the DM forced us to take turns (even outside combat) and wasn't very clear on what was happening. He also read the rules wrong and was making ghosts walk through our bodies to automatically hit for d10 damage.

    During this fight the paladin should have died, but the DM likes his character (because he attacks everything with bloodlust) and thought up excuses to keep him alive. The paladin player told me that if my character was the one to go down then he wouldn't have held back and just flat out kill me.

    Also, twice in the same night the chaos mage summoned a Unicorn that he's accidently summoned multiple times in the past. The Unicorn is not happy with him.


    Finally managed to play it. I just lost an hour of my life and want to go straight back and lose a month.
    Got through what I guess was the intro? Explored that cave after my caravan was attacked, got through and got my companion killed by a flash of light, and now I'm all alone. *sniffle* I was just starting to like the guy, too!


      What class/race are you playing?

        I'm a catlady druid thingy. Don't know the exact terms because it's my character I created on launch day which was forever ago in old lady memory terms.

        After I get a feel for the game, I'll most likely go back and create a "proper" character to start again with.

      So its worth it then?

        Yes, and I've not finished it. Really, really good.

        if you're into the old Baldur's Gate sorta thing, then hell yes.

      Not really a spoiler, but a bit of slightly obvious advice...
      unless you're trying a solo run, grab as man companions as possible as soon as you can.
      after the tutorial / first village, it gets quite a bit harder.

      Vague not really spoiler-y companion talk.
      you'll be able to get 4 companions relatively easily & quickly. round out your team by hiring people from the tavern.

      Last edited 22/06/15 11:00 am

      I wanted to like it but I really, really dislike some of the mechanics they've added. Fatigue for example doesn't seem to serve any purpose except deliberately adding downtime.

      I'm experiencing this with a well-modded install of New Vegas.

      I honest-to-god spent ALL OF SATURDAY installing, configuring, troubleshooting, and watching videos about New Vegas mods.

      The entire day.

    Good morning all

    I played the Battlestar Gallactica Boardgame on friday night, Humans won, which is good, but also bad because they didn't lose enough food for me to win as the Cylon Leader.

    What else happened? oh yeah lots of calls on call. Played You don't know Jack on the PS4 with some friends. was fun.

    Got more tea, TEAAAAAAAAAA! also discovered theres a Chai night at T2 Newtown this wednesday. (people should go, seriously looks good)

    and many shenanigans in my fallout Shelter.

    How was everyone elses weekend?

      Heater dies on Saturday so had an impromptu research and shopping trip after work
      Sunday was nice, had a surprise visit form mum and Dad to see Tiglet so went down to the park for a bit.
      Otherwise fairly quiet

      Edit: Oh and we haev been playing a bit of hand of fate, really liking that game

      Last edited 22/06/15 1:10 pm

      BSG boardgame is fun. First expansion was the best, IMO.

    Only bought 2 things on the steam sale, still added up to $90.
    Elite is pretty fun tho. Apparently I started off working for the space Mafia; trafficking slaves, weapons, illegal artifacts and now they want me to "find" some stuff from nearby trade convoys. I am a horrible person but damn the pay is good.
    Which brings me to my next question @mrtaco @os42 others: is there an easy way to find a target you need to attack when you are just given a system to look in? Other than fly around aimlessly poking all the ships.that you see?

      From memory, your best bet is to just jump to all of the... Unidentified signals? Maybe.

      Some signal type.

      Unless they've changed it since I last played...

      Damn, I really need to start playing again. Alas, this poor trader can't really help with bounty hunting, tho. Realised very early on I was too new to the joystick to be able to actually fight anyone. But damn, you need someone to run away? I'm your man. :3

        I am ok at the combat now. Sometimes.
        Not keen to take on multiple dudes at once tho.
        Probably gonna focus on.the smuggling for now, easier and faster.

      Hmm, it depends. If you're hunting for a named individual, then you'll either see them flying around in supercruise (as of 1.3) and need to interdict them (not sure if they drop out at all and you can just drop in on their low wake signal), or you need to dive into Unidentified Signal Sources and see if they pop up there.

      If you're doing something like kill two traders/pirates/smugglers/bounty hunters then it'd a different kettle of fish. Each NPC you see has a particular archetype, though it's not displayed anywhere. You just have to kind of figure it out. Well, Authority vessels are pretty obvious. Warzone too (though I'm not sure how it works if you can't find a Conflict Zone in a system, and whether you can just kill the NPCs at Checkpoints for that. Always been allied with them so never tried). Traders and Smugglers are generally cargo carrying ships like a Hauler or T6 (not sure if sometimes an Adder or Cobra maybe). Pirates and Bounty Hunters might be a Sidey, Eagle, Cobra, possibly Adder, not sure about others. Pirates and Smugglers should come up as Wanted (if you're in an anarchy system you'll need a Kill Warrant Scanner to check for bounties), while Traders and Bounty Hunters won't. Hunters will also out themselves by shooting at other Wanted ships. Generally with any of these, after you kill a guy you can check the mission in your Transactions tab and see if you've added one to the tally or not to see if you're shooting down the right type of guy.

        Flying named targets do definitely drop out of frame shift every so often, not uncommon to have to tail them for ages before it happens though.

        It's weird how they've done those, you get a mostly harmless target who's in a python with beam laser turrets & has a pair of expert or better escort fighters. Completely misleading about the difficulty, I'm certainly looking forward to getting the coin together for a Fer De Lance and mounting a huge weapon for massive damage. It might finally make those targets practical...

    Ahhh how i loathe filling out applications for big chain stores, because its basically rewriting my resume but in a worse format.

    Morning friends, got a quick question for you all. Is anyone else really wanting to go full digital for their games, but put off by the fact that a digital game is more expensive than a physical copy and the prices never actually go down once the game comes out?

      I'm used to Steam where it's usually cheaper, and prices tend to go down.

      Looking at PSN prices, HAHAHAHAHAHA.

      They really want you to buy games in a store.

        I no longer have a DVD/Blu-ray drive on my computer

          I still watch movies on my PC from Blu-Ray. I think I've bought two games on disc in the last year (and one of them was because it was a special edition).

        I should've said it was mostly a console focused question. I guess that's the price to pay of only having a single sale point for digital console games, they can just keep the prices where they are.

      Yeah pretty much. Hdd space is also an issue but on the whole I'd prefer to go digital but for the locked prices.

        I was running out of hdd space on my xbox, then decided to just grab a 3tb external drive and hook that up to it. Now I just need to justify the extra cash for the digital copies. I guess the drawcard would be I don't have to worry about the media getting damaged as it would always just be there to redownload

      Going all digital is something I never thought I'd do, but here I am doing it. On PC you can get new release games pretty cheap if you shop around. Places like Green Man Gaming are pretty good. Also, as mentioned further up the page I got a Steam key for Arkham Knight for 30 bucks as well as one for Mortal Kombat X for $19, both from Ozgameshop, the cheapest you'd be able to get both those games on console is probably about $140-$150 brand new, that's like triple the price.

      So yeah, it makes total sense to go all digital if you're a PC gamer, but if you're a console gamer with no desire to switch to PC then it's really not worth it.

      Digital on PC for quite some time now, must be approaching 10 years. Even when I buy a collectors edition you can still register it to your steam account and play digitally. Brilliant.

      On PS4 I'm now buying more and more digitally. That way I only have to buy 1 copy but both me and the missus can play at the same time on separate PS4s. I wasn't so sure if it'd work for ESO but it did. Effectively cuts the price of buying 2 copies in half, albeit it at slightly pricier prices. The PS Store sales have gotten better though in the last year or two. They're finally taking notice of what Steam do, even if prices are still higher. Again though, the only thing I'll buy on disc now are collectors editions. Making it pricey for Fallout 4 when we both want a Pip Boy Edition, but hey, what're you gonna do :D the big difference thoguh as mentioned is that on PS4 you can't just register your disc and play digitally after that. Console gaming really needs that

        huh, I didn't know ps4 would allow you to both play the same game at the same time. Would it allow you both to play together on the same server?

          Sure does. I have my account on both PS4s but I've put HER PS4 as my primary PS4 (it's also her primary PS4 as well) so any games I buy on my account off the PS Store can be played on any account on that PS4 but I can also download and play them on my account on my PS4 which is my secondary PS4. You don't need to be signed in on your primary for other people to play the games. If she bought something on her account I don't think I'd be able to play though as her account on my PS4 is linked as a secondary system as well

      The price of digital games and the lack of ability to shop around is one factor. But there's plenty of others. Having to wait for downloads, relying on an outside service, having to have some other client installed to deal with the things (in PC terms anyway), having to have yet another account and password to keep track of, an inherent distrust of anything that relies on outside services to function. They all turn me off from the idea.

      Main one though is that I'm a collector. I like searching out for the things that I find interesting and adding it to the collection. Things that don't have a physical form, they just... don't seem to have any sense of value to me. I got a few VC/Wiiware things a while back and just forgot they even existed, don't think I ever got around to playing them. If it's on the shelf then I can look over and have a reminder I guess.

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