The Steam Summer Sale Starts Today

The Steam Summer Sale Starts Now

The bad news: your credit card bill might be a disaster next month. The good news: at least now you can get refunds? It's time for the Steam Summer Sale.

Today's big deals include Valkyria Chronicles for $US5 (yes!), Don't Starve for $US4, and all of Tales From The Borderlands for $US12.50, among many others. There's also a crazy new minigame that everyone can play to unlock more deals.

As you try to make smart buying decisions over the next few days, remember that your best bet is always going to be waiting for something to show up in a daily deal. (Our friends at Lifehacker have a solid guide for getting the most out of this shindig.)


    Same here and it just depresses me that I've bought so many that are just sitting waiting to be played...

    So, if I just buy stuff I want there's nothing stopping me from getting a refund and buying them again if they show up in a flash sale, right? Provided I don't play them for more than 2 hours.

      Has to be within 2 weeks of purchase as well afaik

      Refunds can take up to a week and the deal might be gone by then ;)

      Just wait until the end of the sale before purchasing unless its a flash sale!

    Thanks for the heads up.
    I'll be spending my weekend on Ghostbusters.

    I have The Witcher 3.. hoping it will keep me obsessed enough to get me through the sales period. I'll probably regret it after I see certain games I missed out for cheap.. but whatever.. The Witcher 3 is where it's at for me right now and I still have at least 50+ hours of game to play.

    Thankfully I've already maxed my credit card. Take that steam summer sale!

    Not going to attempt to buy anything unless it's on my Wish List and is at minimum 50% off

    To quote Fry from Futurama: I'm scaroused!

    This is my first Steam sale with a PC good enough to run most games. I logged on this morning and all but three of the 60 odd games on my wish list were on sale.

    I'm not ready dammit!!! I needed more time to prepare!

    Stand strong men!!

    Hoping ARMA 3 DLC gets a knock on its price. Really been hanging out for a while to score that.

    Huh. GTAV is not on sale, but there is a bundle that is on sale.... that brings it down to the non-sale price. Thanks Rockstar.

    And as if I didn't have enough issues with Clicker heroes already

    Our dollar is so shit this year that I'm already priced out.

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