The 2018 Steam Summer Sale Is Now Live

Do you love video games and hate having money? Are you ambivalent on the idea of ever getting around to actually playing those video games? Well, GOOD NEWS: It's Steam summer sale time.

Image: Lifehacker

The sale just went live today and is, as usual, overflowing with discounts large and small. It's alien-themed this time and includes a minigame called Saliens. Word of warning, though: Steam is currently buckling under sale traffic (an annual tradition!), so the store isn't loading reliably. 

Some standout deals I spotted while having a cursory look around:

  • Ni No Kuni 2 for $US36 ($49)
  • Tyranny for $US15.29 ($21)
  • Ark: Survival Evolved for $US20 ($27)
  • Nioh for $US30 ($41)
  • Crypt of the Necrodancer for $US3 ($4)
  • Darkest Dungeon for $US7.50 ($10)

If these games (or Steam) aren't for you, it's worth noting that indie super store is also having its own summer sale right now, which includes games you won't find on Steam and even some curated selections.

So yes, you have now entered The Deals Zone. Proceed with caution. Or just spend a bunch of money now and worry about your impending destitution later. Whichever floats your boat.


    Shiiiiit I bought far cry 5 last night off Humble Bundle.

    Worked out cheaper than the steam sale anyway :D

    I was wondering why I got an email today saying a large number of my wishlist games were on sale.

      It was because a large number of your wishlist games are on sale. :)


    Remember when Steam Sales were actually good?

    Pepperidge Farm remembers

      Actually, this one is good! I just bought 5 games for US$65ish.

    I woke up this morning prepared. The other day I decided to rearrange my wishlist and curiosity got the better of me, so I searched for when the next Steam Sale was going to be. I just waved goodbye to $100 and added an extra 20 games to my ever growing pile of unplayed games.

    Can get a lot of these at EB at JB right now for cheaper.

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