The Steam Summer Sale Starts Now

The Steam Summer Sale Starts Now

The Steam Summer Sale has begun. Lots of PC games, super cheap. Today's big deals include Dead Rising 3, Far Cry 3 and The Witcher 2.

There's also an insane new Summer Adventure program that will let you earn free things as you buy games and craft badges on Steam.

Before you pull out your credit card, remember two important things:

1. Your backlog is already huge.

2. It's worth waiting for daily deals.

See all the deals right here.


    dark soul II is 33% discount, should I buy or wait?

      Wait for a Flash Sale or a Daily Deal. If it doesn't pop up in either of those, get it on the last day of the sale.

        These words should be engraved on some monument somewhere, so we can daily observe and be reminded.

        make that the second last day - last day has been encore recently and sales were stopped

      Install Enhanced Steam (for Chrome / Firefox) and you can check the cheapest prices around as well as Price History :)
      Currently Amazon have a Steam game code of Dark Souls 2 for USD$33.49

    *cries* I've already spent more on this sale than food for this week..

      ahahaah, the sign of a true gamer ;)

      Im spewing because i just had a coffee 'incident' with my computer last week so im out of commission for a few months so im gonna miss this one :(

        why should you be out?
        If you have a smart phone, get the mobile app and start shopping!

          na, by the time i get my rig back online, its gonna be around December, so i was gonna hold out for the chrissy sales because whatever i buy now i wont be able to play till then anyways.

            Must have been some strong coffee...

              na, it was just a normal double shot, but within seconds it was on the roof, the wall, the floor, monitor, keyboard, tower, NAS...
              sparks, fire and sad times were had... but i saved my NAS, mouse and both my 7970's so it wasnt a total loss
              Nothing you can do but kick back and laugh at times like that...

    My backlog is already huge? YOU DON'T KNOW M-- hm. Well.

    Lucky guess, Schreier.

    Finally picked up TESV Legendary edition. I hope it was worth it...

      You'll be annoyed when it gets some extra percentage points off in the next few days. Always wait for a Flash Sale or a Daily Deal. If it doesn't pop up in either of those, get it on the last day of the sale.

    Morrowwind aaaaaand, that's about all I really want at this point. Watch this space as I put back bill payments as I make stupid snap purchases.

    My first thought was "great - there's nothing on sale now I really want - maybe this time it'll be different". But then I just had to notice XCOM: Enemy Unknown was discounted by 83%. Damn you, Steam Store.

    EDIT: Bummer - a slight error means it's not Enemy Unknown 83% off - it's only 75% off. It's an 83% discount on the package of Enemy Unknown and The Bureau, making the combined total $1.50 less than the either Enemy Unknown alone. Double-damn.

    Last edited 20/06/14 9:26 am

      Enemy Unknown is the tits. That regret will soon disappear.

    Anyone else disappointed that publisher packs seem to be a thing of the past? I mean you can still get good deals but I think it was the publisher packs that made the Steam Sales so legendary.

      My only problem with the publisher packs is... well. I bought most of the bloody things already. So every time they've come up since, I see like... TWO new games in their catalogue that weren't included two years ago, and I skip the pack and never see the games I wanted discounted separately. Publisher packs are great for first-time buyers, but once that publisher starts expanding their catalogue, you're up against a lot of ungiftable dead weight. :(

    My gaming catalogue is small and my pay day is next week. COME AT ME STEAM!!

    (building a gaming rig was the best Idea ever!)

      Im so glad I got a rig earlier this year. I cannot wait to abuse my bank account in this sale!

    Oh gods, I've already bought two games (DMC reboot and Dead Island Riptide) on the steam app before I'd gotten out of bed... This is going to get bad...

      I did exactly the same thing with Riptide - before I'd even got out of bed.

    Also this is a handy guide straight from reddit:

    The Guidelines for Surviving the Summer Sale
    •Don't buy games unless they are a Daily Deal, Flash Sale, or Community Choice (you may have to wait for your game, but it'll save you $$$ in the long run)

    •If a game hasn't been a DD, FS, or CC buy it on the last day of the SSS (getting it at the SSS discount is better than full price or not at all)

    •If a CC deal doesn't include any games you're looking for choose the biggest discount best deserving game vote or don't vote there's always 2 sides to every story (just because you don't want any of the CC games doesn't mean that other people feel the same way)

    •Purchase games as gifts, too many times have I seen people buy a bunch of games just to have them sit in their library and never get played. If you purchase them as gifts you can install them when you want or trade them with friends.

    •Use your wish list to keep track of games you really want, when they go on sale Steam will email you about the discounts.

    Already bought The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition for $4.

    I added $25 to my wallet and will try to stick to that limit, so it's complete bargains only!

    GOD HELP YOUR LOVED ONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and your wallet

    Main thing I was waiting for the sames for was the Blackwell adventure games to go on sale and nabbed the bundle for $5! The fifth and final game isn't included because it only came out like a month ago, but I'll get it later when/if I've finished the first four.

    Waiting till the things on my wish list go on a daily or flash sale and that's it. Gaben will not have my wallet this time unless he earns it!

    i just bought some games and i can't even remember what i bought. God help me

      You're not a true PC gamer (also known as a summer sale victim) until you go to buy a game on Steam and it informs you that you've already got it in your library, but you can't remember buying it.

        Glad i am a true pc gamer then :) bought plenty of games twice from various bundles

    Still waiting on something I don't already own (and still haven't played) from last sales....

    Signs you have a problem:

    "Oh man, I've been hanging out for that, I totally wanna buy that - and oh my god, the discount! Wait. Whatchutalkin'bout Steam 'I already own this game'?"

      Even worse if you then think "Maybe there's someone I can gift it too...".

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