The Steam Summer Sale Is Finally Here

Finally! Valve's Steam summer sale has begun. Current discounts include Portal 2 for $US5 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for $US30.

There are also some ridiculously cheap company packages, including a Bethesda pack for $US50 (featuring Skyrim, Fallout: New Vegas, and more) and a $US50 Ubisoft collection that will give you Assassin's Creed: Revelations, Might and Magic Heroes VI and more.

"The annual Steam Summer Sale is on now," Valve said in a press release today. "Gamers will find amazing deals on thousands of games. The Summer Sale will again feature more than straight discounts, offering Daily Deals, Flash Sales and 'Customer Choice' Sales, the latter allowing gamers to vote for a title on a given list to be put on sale for a limited time."

Valve says it will release new daily discounts up until July 22. Sale ends then!


    And I just gots paid =D

      Welcome to the poor house with me.

      Same here :D

      I'm still waiting for my pay to come through.... :(


    I like the GOG style choose what's on sale next thingy...

      Yeah, I voted Witcher 2. I swear I'll pick it up if it gets discounted this time! It's pay day today!

    argh! right in the wallet!

    and EA wated to take down Steam with their shit stain software origin, what a joke.

      Those fools.
      Origin is for Battlefield 3, steam is for every other game.

    All those IP's are taking more damage than my wallet because of this sale according to EA

    NOOOO, i dont get paid until tomorrow, but luckily there is nothing i want anyway so far.

      There might be in a few hours with all those short term specials :)

    Is it just me or is the Bethesda pack not in our store? Same with activision

      I was going to buy the bethesda pack. I already own all the games, I just dont have the fallouts on PC.
      If only they would take my money...well my wifes money, im broke until teusday.

      Yeah - and a lot of the packs that are available have games missing. Steam sale is like Christmas, this is like the grinch turning up and stealing all the presents fro the Australian kids.

      Did get Legend of Grimrock though, so not too dirty.

        Last year the 2k pack had every game 2k has ever released for the same price!

        Yeah it sucks we don't have the Bethesda pack. Gutted.

        Can we be gifted it from America though? Can you gift complete packs?

      Yeah, I thought that was odd. Last year before the Summer sale I got the Quakecon pack that had every Bethesda/id software game (pre-Skyrim and Rage) for $79, so I'm not fussed if we don't have the Bethesda pack, but we do have the id pack? Weird.

    According to Steam, $30US = $50AU when it comes to Modern Warfare 3.

      Not sure where they get their exchange rate from, EA land maybe?

        Its from the fact that they can get away with charging that much because the australian government doesnt give a shit about electronic prices.

    Bugger it, i will drop $200 on these packs. Damn my pile of shame.

      my condolences for you wallet...


    A question in regards to the sale - can we be gifted packs that are outside our Zone? Such as someone from the US Gifting the Bethesda pack to someone from Aus?

      Yeah definitely even if a game is banned here you can still get it through this means.

    Bit disappointed I missed the first "8 hour vote" (bloody Valve Time of 6 hrs)
    Now I don't have a chance of "Voted every day of the steam summer sale! DAMN YOU SLEEP! o.O

      Maybe you can still do it? 8 hours is a bit short of 24 hours, so maybe you can still vote "today".

        Right! *facepalm* ^_^

        "Participate in 'A' community choice vote on each 'DAY' of the Summer Sale."
        Not EVERY vote.... haha :3

        I need to learn to read and interpret a bit better :D Thankyou good sir :)

    I would love the ID pack, nut i don't think my broadband can handle it.

    It's not on the front page promotions but Lunar Flight is %50 off for the duration of the sale. If you like to fly things and want to test your skills or just like really challenging games that are also deeply atmospheric this is your ticket.

    some game prices are the same according to SteamPrices. Others have the OzTax applied to them (ie double the price of the US store)

    As i always say with these sales...


    Also this time around we have FLASH DEALS and COMMUNITY CHOICE DEALS!!!

    Things that are 33% off today could be 75% off tomorrow or the next day... BE SMART AND SAVE BIG!

      lol deja vu!

      Literally just read your comment on OzBargain :P

    LA Noire by itself + buying the DLC Seperate = $7.49+$8.49.. Complete pack? $29.99.

    got portal 2, grimrock & LA noire.

    There's never been a better time to get Just Cause 2 for the upcoming JC2 multiplayer!

    Bethesda pack $50? Not for us, I see skyrim as 30% off and yet still $60on its own! Son of a...

    EH im really not that interested this year. Mainly because I seem to have got everything that I'm interested in already.
    Anyone got any good suggestions that may change my mind?

    Does Kotaku have an Australian editor? Maybe he should do some work fact checking articles like this. Half the deals listed up there aren't available to Australian customers.

      Not a lot they can do, we get all the articles that are okayed by the US editor.

      I noticed theres no Bethesda pack as advertised. Devastated.

    Oh the pain of living in Australia :(

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