The Witcher Series, By The Numbers

The Witcher Series, By The Numbers

How many polygons does it takes to make a Geralt in The Witcher 3, as opposed to years ago? How many hours does it take to beat the game? How many endings are there? These questions and more are answered by a new infographic released by CD Projekt RED.

There could be a little more info on bits and pieces like how big the world is, but hey, we’ve got a whole other post about that. Hint: It’s big.

I do find the lines of code, polygons, and endings interesting though. Thirty-six endings. Wow. I’ve seen one of them, and I might wait until I see another one before I read about all those different ones.


  • So I need to set aside 215 hours if I want to complete all 3 games. Yikes!

    • its sounds like lot but its not that bad, i mean ive spent over 300hrs in the original borderlands, 1200+ in skyrim, 890 in New Vegas, 161 in Civ 5 and 173 in Terraria to say the least

        • yeah…. i cant measure my wow play time other than ive been playing it since it launched here back on the 25th of november 2004

        • Once I calculated the percentage of my life I spent playing Runescape… Never again.

      • Well you you have tips on how to fit that in around a business and a 10 month old I would liek to hear them 😛

        • Every minute of videogame time comes at the sacrifice of sleep.

          Related: I’m tired. So tired.

        • hmm well when i was in the army, id game from 5pm til 12pm and then go to sleep, and would be up and ready for morning parade 730am monday to friday while on base ( on base the army is just like a normal 9-5 job really) didnt have kid but always had to ready for room inspections or suprise gate duty

      • I’m pretty sure I had over a year of playtime in Everquest before I gave it up. But then, MMOs are time sinks by design – Everquest more so than many others.

    • This is why I don’t play RPGs anymore. I just don’t want to throw away that much of my life, no matter how great the story is.

      I played all the Mass Effect’s at least twice. ME2 a few more times than that. Dragonage. Neverwinter Nights. I’ve learned my lesson. Those games are great but they’re timehogs.

  • Why re-post this? It came out years ago, some of the information isn’t even relevant anymore.

  • I have played 30 hours so far and still barely one like 3 main quests in Velen. 100 hours seems VERY reserved.

  • Might be the only one that noticed that Geralt’s face is made up of tirangles rather than triangles…

  • This infographic is almost two years old (first posted online October 2013), so, no, it’s not a new infographic.

    Another well researched Kotaku article…

  • I’m almost embarrassed to say that I’ve clocked up nearly 200 hours in 3 already and I’m nowhere near finished.

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