What Would You Ask The HOTS Developers?

We'll be in a room with two senior developers of Heroes of the Storm tomorrow. Have any burning questions you'd like asked? Pop them in the comments below.

One of the gentlemen we'll be speaking to is Alan Dabiri, Technical Director on the project, and long-time software engineer at Blizzard, having work on projects like Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 2.

The other is Chris Sigaty, Executive Producer overseeing both Heroes of the Storm and Legacy of the Void. Interestingly, Sigaty started out as a QA tester before becoming a Producer. He also plays in Blizzard's own band, Elite Tauren Chieftain, so I'll have to ask him if he's more of a Glam Rock E.T.C. or Pure Country.

I'll be putting questions to them on a number of topics including toxicity, design, eSports, and future content. What would you ask them? The best questions will be used and I'll put the interview up soon!


    What plans do you have for quick matches and ensuring a more balanced/fair pairing of Heroes?

    Are there plans to go over previous skins to upgrade them with more animations, custom visuals and new voices?

    How long does Blizzard see Heroes of the Storm being supported?

    How do I git gud?

    Will you ever add a surrender function like LoL? Sure the tide can turn in a lot of games, but you do still get games where the outcome is frustratingly obvious at around the 50-70% mark.

    Are there plans to let us see our MMRs or equivilent?

    Despite some improvements, quite often Aussies are getting shifted to overseas servers. Anything planned to upgrade or expand the Aussie servers?

    How badly did you kick yourselves for letting dota fall through your fingers, can you sit down yet?

    Why does HotS require powerful graphics compared to DOTA and LoL?

    Why have you priced the visual upgrades much higher than LoL?

      Probably because they make you grind out runes. Trust me, you want this system.

    Why the focus on as little communication as possible before and after a match?

    The community (re: the subreddit) has been calling out for another game mode to be released in between Quick Match and Hero League. Do you have any plans to release, say, an unranked draft mode once the player base increases?

    HotS has some of the most interesting heroes in the MOBA genre. What sort of innovations are you looking towards for future heroes?

    And finally:

    Why did you all stand by and watch Chriss Metzen ruin every blizzard franchise?

    At the moment, it feels like most games are all but over once a team gets 2 or more levels ahead. Being on the losing side in these situations feels terrible and hopeless. Are there any plans to address this?

      I don't think they will, they already have a pretty big rubber band effect. At high levels one good team fight can pull you back to even from being 2 levels behind or so.

      It's a terrible feeling being lvl 9 against a lvl 11 side. Most games can be pretty much over at that point. But that's what makes the "epic win" feeling all the better when you do pull it back.

    Why , when you have such great , deep and rich franchises , do you choose to make maps based on such cliche , overdone and shallow themes ?
    I mean Starcraft space platform map vs .. Egyptian theme ? Such a waste.

      A thousand times this!

      bumping, this is a must do Q

      i'd even love to play a wow bg spin-off

        So much this. I'd love a semi Warsong Gulch themed map.

    Where does Blizzard hope the HotS Esports following will take it? Does it foresee something similar to the glory days of WoW Arena? With that in mind, spectator mode?

    Will Blizzard ever make another good single-player game, or are those days gone forever?

    I'd like to hear about the map editor.

    Do they plan to release it for players use, do they have any ideas how player made maps would be accessed? etc.

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