A Five-Year-Old Rewrites Halo And It's Utterly Adorable

Who even understands Halo's labyrinth plot anymore? Not me, and I'm a huge fan of the series.

Here's what I think: I think 343 Industries should just hire this five-year-old kid. His version of Halo is way better. There are rockets, and Skylander Dinosaur Monsters. How can you beat that?

This was written with the help of the five-year-old's Dad, who simply wrote down what his son claimed was happening on each page.

I am seriously finding this whole thing adorable. Sure, maybe this kid shouldn't be playing Halo but, on the other hand, it's clearly stimulating this kid's imagination. You can check out the whole thing here. It's my favourite thing today.


    "Goes to the monster GI JOE boss". If only i could describe things as simple as that. I believe my conversations with my friends would be so much easier.

    still a better story than CoD

    I find this more comprehensible than whatever 343 is doing with the story.

    This kid has a career as a Hollywood screenwriter

    I'd be super surprised if that purple writing was actually written by a five year old...

    *edit* just actually clicked the link - dictation!

    Last edited 21/07/15 5:14 pm

    Maybe 1 day the techsuit toys will get madeā€¦


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