Attack On Titan Hot Dogs Remind You Of Something Important

Attack on Titan Hot Dogs Remind You of Something Important

Behold, Attack on Hot Dog. As internet buddy @clpearce point out, it's funny when you realise that none of the Titans have wieners. That's true! They don't. Heh.

Picture: Entabe

Entabe reports that these hot dogs will go on sale at Aeon Cinemas across Japan to get people ready for the upcoming Attack on Titan live-action movie.

Attack on Titan Hot Dogs Remind You of Something Important

Picture: Entabe

Nothing quite says building marketing hype like ridiculously long processed meat.

The honey mustard Titan dog goes on sale this week, while the relish and ketchup one won't be available until this September. Both are priced at 550 yen (US$4.48), and both come in a special Attack on Titan box.

And no @galyonkin, they're not made from human flesh. They are double the size of regular hot dogs. Thrilling!

The Attack on Titan movie doesn't hit Japanese theatres for a few months. So far, it's made some folks iffy about the project.


    not sure if long sausage or small bun but regardless that doesn't look very appetizing

      I've tried similar and believe tastes better than it looks

      Don't underestimate japanese food. While it may not look nice. It will taste better than any hotdogs you have ever had.

        I always say the exact same thing about my hot dog.

      oh... kay... lol i think were no longer talking about convenience store food hahahha
      Regardless being a closet otaku i love seeing anime related stuff getting more and more socially popular! so im all for it!

    I was expecting food that looks like people from the show in a bun.

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