GameCube Games Now Running On One Android Device

GameCube Games Now Running On One Android Device

June has been a big month for the team working on the Dolphin emulator, which allows users to play GameCube and Wii games on their PC. In addition to getting Virtual Console games up and running, they have also managed to get GameCube games working on an Android device (albeit one that few of you will own).

Dolphin has been out on Android for a little while now, but mostly as a testbed, since nobody’s phone is powerful enough to get any games working in an acceptable state. The thing with Android, though, is that it’s not just restricted to phones.

Nvidia’s Shield, with a Tegra X1 chip, also runs Android, and it is powerful enough. So here it is, running a selection of some of the GameCube’s greatest hits. Not all of them are perfect, but they’re all certainly playable.

If that wasn’t enough, they have also managed to improve the PC version of Dolphin to the point where it can now support 5k resolutions. Which is just a tiny bit more than Nintendo were anticipating when they built the console.


    • I used Yabause on my OpenPandora.

      On topic:
      Although playable, every single time I play GameCube games on my nVIDIA Shield Android TV gaming console I can’t help but think that it’s nowhere near good enough. Needs more optimization!!

      Also, Dolphin 5K res? Typo? 4K?

      • Dunno mate, but you just reminded me that I really want a SMACH ZER0 SteamOS Portable Console 🙁

      • Not so much a case of “the” steam console as which one. There are too many options and price points to make them a better purchase for someone that doesn’t have a pc (over just building your own pc or paying someone to do it).

          • Unfortunately not. 4:3 too. Basically as good as running in backwards compatibility mode on the Wii. But looks really good on the small screen!

          • Ah ok, thanks for replying back. Everyone dreams of classic GameCube and Wii games in HD.

        • Indeed – I have my controllers and about 10 games still – but it’s more convenient to have them sitting on a hard drive. Plus I have 2 NTSC-U games and an NTSC-J game (twin snakes J is full english and cost me a fraction of a PAL copy lol) but I only have one mem card – need one for each region.. with nintendont I can just save to hard drive, doesn’t matter which region I’m playing. Supports triforce too, but I’m not sure how well that works, haven’t tested it.

  • I wonder if they’ll update the original Shield portable. I’m more interested in that for remote play (Something I do occasionally on PS4, but would do more on PC if I had one) than the Shield console, but they seem to have removed the portable from sale by the looks of things. If they do update it and it can run GC games… Oh man!

    If I wanted on of these to play PC on my TV, I’d just move my PC there. But that’s just me, I know others may not feel like that, or may even buy this as a stand alone without a PC (Which I don’t quite subscribe to myself).

    • nVIDIA Shield portable 2 is still rumored to be on the horizon. Here’s hoping and fingers crossed!

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