Last Night Australia Was Haunted By A Bloodborne Moon

Last Night Australia Was Haunted By A Bloodborne Moon

Last night I left the office at around 5.40pm. I don’t usually get on the ferry, but I was heading to Milson’s Point and it was quicker than a train. I looked into the sky and lurking behind a perfectly positioned set of clouds was the most perfectly orange moon I have ever seen. I came pretty damn close to pulling my holy blade out of my satchel and wrecking shit at Luna Park.

Which would have been disastrous of course. Lucky I don’t actually carry any sharp weapons in my satchel. Lucky this was just a hypothetical situation that would never ever happen ever in real life.


Anyway, I tried taking some photographs with my phone, but my phone camera is truly dreadful, so the impact was lost. I know it’s an optical illusion, but it looked so huge, hanging just above the opera house. It felt vividly like that moment in Bloodborne when moon suddenly looms larger and closer and the scale is just like whoa.

It was insane.

Thankfully a number of other super talented photographers with good equipment took some pics of the moon and posted them to Twitter!

Did anyone else take any pics? I’d love to see them. Shoot me an email!


    • That’s no moon…

      At least not according to the YouTube conspiracy theorists who believe the moon is a hoax, more specifically a hologram designed to hide something we’re not supposed to see. And the fact it changes size just reinforces their insane theories. Recommend taking a look at their videos if you’re ever in need of a chuckle.

        • Type “moon hologram” into YT’s search and you’ll find plenty. Too many.
          The comments are often just as (unintentionally) hilarious.

          My other favourite YT conspiracies are shapeshifting lizard people running the earth and mermaids being real. Stay in school, kids.

  • go somewhere like kalgoorlie if this shit wows you.

    blood moons all night, followed by the walking dead trying to bust all your shit, and giant worms shaking the underground every day.

    seen at least 1000 “blood” moons in my lifetime, they are ugly and boring. the full blue moon is where its at.

  • Last night was the first and only time I had invaded another players game. It was such a rush and finishing him with a visceral attack was so satisfying. I blame the moon for my momentary blood lust.

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