New Star Wars: Battlefront Footage Leaks, Looks Fantastic.

We've already seen what Star Wars: Battlefront looks like, but I honestly never tire of watching it being played. Why? I think it's because it looks and feels authentically Star Wars.

And part of that authenticity is the fact that it doesn't quite look or feel like a regular shooter. Even just the way players react to being shot, and the way the weapons seem to fire — it all feels very Star Wars.

۞ by -AGB- In other words, it doesn't look like Battlefield with a Star Wars skin. It looks like the product of a team intent on fully representing the Star Wars universe correctly. That gives me hope for the game.

۞ by -AGB-

Star Wars Battlefront Alpha Leaked Gameplay [Allgamesbeta]


    Oh man, if this game launches AND isn’t broken as all hell then I can’t imagine it won’t be a MASSIVE hit.

    I haven’t really tucked into an online FPS on a console…. well maybe ever.... I like the Battlefield games but I’ve never really gone nuts playing one.
    I’m really excited for this.

      Using double negatives does not equal a positive.

        'I can't imagine' referencing myself.
        'it won't be a massive hit' referencing the game.

        Two months and that was the best comment you had to contribute?

    Wow..... That's not playing on my PC..... *sigh*

    Why do stormtroopers wear armor anyway? Short of a slight breeze it doesn't seem to save them from anything.

    EDIT: Towards the end of that last video looked like a BF4 map just reskinned....

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      Because they don't want to be identified by Facebook face-detecting algorithms, they want a little privacy online and in their personal lives.

      Why do they have guns anyway? They never, ever hit anything.

        Good reason why that has been stated in the movies themselves. Luke said he couldn't see anything in those helmets :p

          Which makes Obi-Won's line that "only Imperial Storm Troopers are this Accurate" all the more confusing.

            Perhaps it was sarcasm?

              Maybe they took the helmets off for the ambush?

                Maybe it's just a movie.

      If your PC could run BF4 it should be able to run this game. Maybe not on ultra of course...

      It made sense right up until Ewoks started taking them out with twigs and rocks. Makes everyone who died on Hoth look a bit dumb, all they had to do was throw some tennis balls at the enemy forces.

    Just not getting excited by this game, looks pretty generic. Maybe because i'm not a big Star Wars fan, but it honestly just doesn't look that special.

      I'm a big Star Wars fan and I feel like I'm losing some hype for this game as more game play comes to light :(

      I'm sure once I play it I'll put those doubts out of my mind though :P

      Battlefront is sort of like GoldenEye. It's not that it's Star Wars it's that on the PS2 Battlefront was awesome and thanks to the multiplayer people have a lot of strong memories about it. It's a weird one because like GoldenEye Battlefront is a lot more dated than people remember. People give Call of Duty crap but Call of Duty 4 really ironed out a lot of the problems with console multiplayer that we used to just live with.
      Personally if Battlefront is Battlefield: Star Wars I'll be more than happy, but Battlefield isn't for everyone so I'm expecting them to dial it back a bit.

      Yeah the coolest thing about Battlefront II was those space battles, they are the thing that made it stand out against other games and arguably the most unique and identifying thing about the series. To take them out seems like a grave misstep. What we're left with is a generic shooter wrapped in a expertly executed aesthetic. It's the aesthetic people are getting excited about, not the gameplay.

      This gameplay is the first I've seen of the game, and I typically enjoy Star Wars, but this just looks like one long FMV sequence. Hello, 90's games, we've decided to revisit you.
      Notwithstanding that, there seems to be no tactical requirement at all, (head on to AT-ST, really ?), it looks and plays like any version of Battlefield with a Star Wars skin.

      Oh, and the fact it's EA, means it'll be on Origin only, so automatic downvote there, pretty much has a star rating of meh.
      Not sure if these videos were to build up hype or kill all hope.

      While I look forward to this game, I think Free Radical's Battlefront 3 looked more interesting than this, especially since that game would have allowed your ship to transition between ground and space.

    You know that little screen fadeout/rolldown everytime the dude playing dies and respawns is the same transition effect they use in the films to move between scenes. I just had a geekgasm.

      Maybe this is where I'm going wrong, I'm not appreciating the little things like that you know?

        Two things I imagine you need in order to enjoy this Battlefront game

        1. Watch the Star Wars movies every year as a ritual =P

        2. Play the previous Battlefront games and accept it isn't about the shooting mechanics, or the PvP or lightsabers. It's about playing as a soldier in this cartoony sci-fi universe. For me the best thing about all the battlefront games was being able to run around and take part in all those battles you see in the movies, yeah the gameplay wasn't the best and heck even the graphics weren't all that great. But when you sit down with a friend and spend a saturday afternoon with beers conquering planets you don't really care how good the gameplay is =p

        Edit: Ok maybe it's a little bit about the lightsabers!

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          So the gameplay and graphics aren't that great...but it's still a great game?

            Magic ingredients are :
            Those two can make most games enjoyable. If not, just add more !

    Being a DICE game it feels like they took the BF4 engine and then did Star Wars with it... It looks great, as you'd expect, I hope the game play lives up to the hype...

    GCs stupid question for the day: is this multiplayer online only thing, or is there a single player campaign too?

      I'm pretty sure I saw a menu in the bottom video that shows a single player mode and a multiplayer mode. I'm not sure whether in Single Player mode you'll be just playing 'missions' or if you get the choice to set up your own game type as well.

      My guess would be in the Multiplayer mode you would select 'local game' and just play by yourself with your chosen game type, and single player mode means playing through a campaign.

        It all looks so slick, a singleplayer campaign would very very cool :)

      The old ones had bots, so you could play offline 'multiplayer', hopefully this has that too :)

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        Apparently it does which is why I'm so god damn keen for it.

    I like the "Stick to the NDA, Kid" warning in the second video. You know the one that says not to stream or record gameplay. Somebody should probably have a good lawyer...

    Looks as good as the trailers promised. I'm so happy.

    Is this gonna be awesome or is this gonna be awesome?


    I wish Arkham Knight on the PC was as "Alpha" as this game.

    will there be a 1st person mode?

      I believe they did show off a first person mode during the e3 reveal, check out youtube or gamespots coverage they usually have that stuff archived.

    A Beta boy playing battlefront Alpha. And not very good.

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