More Footage & Screenshots From Canned Star Wars: Battlefront III Surfaces

It was over three years ago that we got our first look at the Star Wars Battlefront game that never was. Now some more footage has surfaced, and it's of a much better quality.

Obtained by website Pass to Play Online, there are both decent-quality screenshots and some video footage of an early build of the game in action.

It looks...yup, like a multiplayer Star Wars game! Those mocking the footage, remember, it was a very early build of the game; it's almost impossible to tell what the finished product could have been like.

That said, the scale of those space battles looks impressive.

To catch up on the sad history of an oft-neglected franchise, start here and follow the links backwards.

There's more info, and more screenshots, at the link below.



    Wrrryyyyy you do this to us D:

    Maybe 1 day Lucas Arts will re visit it? Plz *on knees*

    Battlefront 3 on Frostbite 2.0. DO IT NOW!

      OMG YES

        Give me a Warhammer 40K Battlefront/Battlefield type game on Frostbite 2.0 and ill forever be happy.

    Damn it, Kotaku. You're making me depressed about the fact I'll never see this game.

    Kickstarter.... NOW

    I think the most depressing part of this is the fact that this was canned, but Star Wars Kinect comes out this week.

    *gets dance moves on*, kickstarter kgo!

    There is no Battlefront without Pandemic.

    I started playing Battlefront 1 today (I don't really like 2s' whole mission-based do this, do that format.) and god I'm just having as much fun as I did 8 or so years ago, can't wait to get some friends around again.

    Anyway I've realised that while it would be awesome and I would probably buy it, it just wouldn't be the Battlefront that I love and would probably end up more like modern shooters/more similar to Battlefront 2.

      Watched the video. Now frothing at the mouth.

    Wasn't this being made by Slant Six studios?
    They're the ones who released Operation Racoon City right?

    is it just me or does that 2nd last screen look like getting clubbed into the air by a Giant in Skyrim? :P

    I would pay 50-100 on a kick starter account for this game without a second glance. Why can't it just happen :(


    Don't worry, Lucasarts will get right on greenlighting The Force Unleashed 3 though, guys.


    I hate publishers.

    All we need to do is start a public fundraiser for this game, and find a developer!

    KickStarter would make millions in a week to fund this bloody game!

    Launch title for the Next Gen Consoles would = LOADS OF SALES


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