Rocket League Is So Good Nobody Minds That The Servers Suck

Rocket League Is So Good Nobody Minds That The Servers Suck

Rocket League, a ridiculously fun mashup of driving and soccer (seriously!), has taken the Internet by storm. The unexpected popularity has ravaged the game’s servers. Despite constant downtime, it hasn’t stopped vehicular sports fans from coming back over and over.

If you’ve been trying to play Rocket League on PC or PlayStation 4 over the last week, it’s been a frustrating experience. Here’s a glimpse at the game’s Twitter account from the past few days:

You’d think this would have resulted in angry protests from players, petitions on the internet looking for the heads of the game’s developers. Nope. Instead, this just kept happening:

People can’t stop playing Rocket League, even if Rocket League won’t let them. And after playing a few matches myself this morning, I can’t blame them: this game is so damn good!

The game’s developer, Psyonix, seems to have been caught off-guard by the warm reception for Rocket League. The game has reportedly been downloaded more than two million times, and that number only continues to grow.

How come people aren’t super pissed off? I suspect it has to do with how open Psyonix is being through Twitter and other places. They seem to genuinely feel bad about what’s happening, and working as fast as possible to fix the server issues. Plus, they’re humble and apologetic about the problems, which goes a long way to generating goodwill from players. (And, as pointed out by a reader, it’s “free” through PlayStation Plus.)

It also helps the game won’t be getting any DLC — a mix of paid and free — until a few patches arrive to clean up the game’s multiplayer.

That’s how you handle a less-than-ideal situation, and I suspect it will continue to pay dividends for Rocket League in the weeks to come. As for me, I’m going to try and sneak in another game!


  • I’ve had very little issue playing online I play an hour or two throughout the day and almost every night from 9-12.

    • I’ve also had very few problems! I usually play on the Oceanic servers, and I’ve never had a disconnect or an overly-long wait while looking for a game. Hoping that continues as it’s popularity grows!

      • Same if you’re everhaving trouble finding a match on the local servers try the US servers there’s little to no lag.

  • I’m so addicted, but so crap at this game haha. I love it. I have only had one issue with the server where I couldn’t connect to a game, every other time I’ve been connected within 30 seconds.

  • I haven’t had any problems, I usually find a game (any mode) within a minute and get excellent ping.

  • Touch wood I’ve had no issues, limited my search field to Oceanic servers, get a game within 5 seconds every time, no noticeable lag issues either. Sitting around 23 ping, very pleased so far, sucks to hear people are having issues, it really is great.

  • I think people are more forgiving of a game when it comes out and has issues if it doesn’t have 50 different pre-order bonuses and they aren’t trying to sell you a season pass every 3 seconds.

    It gives you more of a feeling of they honestly did their best rather than just neglecting things so they could get out more 4.99 dlc on day one.

    • Absolutely right!

      It helps that it’s from a small publisher and was released without too much hype. Also, it’s not a game with a long campaign or an absence of an offline mode (like Assassin’s Creed Unity or Elder Scrolls Online). People are enjoying their five-minute games and not rioting online because they can’t get past the first hour of a story mode!

  • Such a fun game. I knew going into it that it’d be a blast, but had no idea it would catch on like it has. Psyonix must be amazed!

    And I’m loving how easy it is to pick up and play a game or two, or just as easily sink hours on end into a tournament or online play. I can see myself playing this for a long time to come.

    Anyone on PSN who wants to play some games (and pick up that ‘Play with a friend’ trophy) should add me!

    My PSN name is: Milnye

      • Sounds great! Had a couple of people add me, so we can almost start a Kotaku Comment Section Team at this point!

    • Add me too: scarnon
      Been really enjoying this surprising little game! Havent played much online had one game but just been playing season now. I saw someone on my friends list playing “doubles” – had no idea but guessing it was two on two?

      • Will do!

        Yeah, Doubles is a 2v2 mode. There are the same match-types online as single player, with ranked matches for all but 4v4! Played a tonne of 2v2 online last night with a family member and it was the most fun I’ve had online in a long time!!

  • Just got it today on Steam. And wowzers. It’s just pure fun!

    I hate sports games with a passion, and can count on two fingers how many I’ve enjoyed in the past, but this is a whole different thing. Loving Rocket League – it’s gonna take a lot to knock this off as my Game of the Year. Love it.

  • I’ve been playing all last week, and heavily this weekend, and have had absolutely no issues what so ever.
    Maybe I’m having so much fun I just don’t notice these issues…

  • Awesome game! had a few server issues but only for a couple of minutes, most of the matchmaking has been awesome and very little lag bar one or two matches. So addictive, must have put 20+ hours on it this week.

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