No Cross-Platform Multiplayer For Xbox One Rocket League Players

No Cross-Platform Multiplayer For Xbox One Rocket League Players

Rocket League is coming to Xbox One! Rejoice, fans of exploding cars chasing massive balls! Does that mean you’ll be able to play with PS4 and PC players? Err…

That would be negative, according to Rocket League‘s official Twitter account. It’s not that developer Psyonix hates to idea, more that the console won’t let it:

Well, hopefully it’ll get sorted out in the future, but for now, if you want a rich base of drivers to face off against, it’s PC or PS4 for you.

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    • World of Tanks has cross-platform with the Xbox 360. Granted it’s the same parent company but it’s still cross-system and an older one at that. I’m also looking forward to modding Fallout4.

      I wonder if it’s purely with Microsoft or the actual communication protocols between Sony and Microsoft.

      • History tells us that it is purely Microsoft as Sony has no issue with the servers for games being hosted outside of their ecosystem (Warthunder, FFXI, FFXIV, Rocket League, ETC). In the last thread about RL being released for Xbox1 some one commented that PC to XB1 was apparently happening and I believed it… should have known better.

        • But cross platform play has already been done on x360 and is being done on xbone. So if history tells us anything its that it’s perfectly doable. Suspect that they have a deal with Sony to do cross platform with them, and the system they’ve set up for this would not work with xbone.

          • An example of a current game that does cross platform to PC? ANY example of a non browser game that has Xbox to non GFWL cross platform gameplay? My guess is no as a google search turned up a lot of “what could be”s and no “it is”. Dem fan boy colours doe.

          • The thing with Microsoft is that the servers need to be controlled by them so you are only ever going to have Xbox One vs Xbox 360 at the best until MS changes this policy.

            You might see first party titles MAYBE appear on PC as well assuming Microsoft also owns the PC servers.

            This is the reason they don’t have Final Fantasy 14.

  • Pretty sure it’s an issue with XBL. It’s notoriously locked down and difficult to get playing nice with other services. Heard more than one developer mention it in the past.

  • Okay so this reveal was aimed at people who primarily game on an Xbone.

    And yet this seems to be the typical response I’ve seen from the media in the last day or so…

    well there’s no cross platform multiplayer so get the PS4 version instead

    Now if you had a PS4 and wanted Rocket League wouldn’t you already have it, conversely no-one who chose Xbone was running out to get a PS4 solely for this game but it’s great that it’s now coming to the other system – why is it impossible to report on exclusives or timed exclusives in 2015 without the reporter stoking the console wars?

    I can think of some 360 games where cross-platform support would’ve been good (Counter Strike GO and Gotham City Imposters to name two) because the player base on 360 was spread too thin late in the console’s life, Rocket League won’t have any such problem.

  • is it maybe that PC and PS4 have already had the game for 5months now and so it would put Xbone players at a disadvantage. if cross-play were available from the start they might jump into a few matches, have their butts handed to them and just give up on a game that seems impossible. maybe they’re just putting them in their own pen for awhile until they’re ready to play with the big kids.

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