Rocket League's Getting Its First DLC And Update Next Month

Rocket League's getting its first DLC and update next month, with paid and free content. You don't have to pay for spectator mode, the Utopia Coliseum map, or the new new flags, music, and fireworks. New cars, boosts, wheels, paint types, and trophies will cost you a few bucks. There's no specific release date yet.


    Got this for free with ps+ I will definitely support them by buying the dlc

    I was surprised when I AFKed at the startup screen. The game has a wicked selection of good music that you never hear if you keep playing the game.

    Does that mean all the paid dlc comes out as a package for a couple of dollars or sold separately?

    I'm all for choice, but I prefer all for $10 (or more) over each part sold separately for $3-5.

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