Sony Boss Is Still Really, Really Good At Bloodborne

Sony Boss Is Still Really, Really Good At Bloodborne

We’ve already established that Shuhei Yoshida, the President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, is really good at Bloodborne, but he’s done it again, this time in English for us baka gaijin, playing the game’s most notorious dungeon on a livestream.

He dies in this one, which is good — makes it feel all authentic and whatnot. But I do wonder: how does Yoshida find the time to get to level 160 or whatever in Bloodborne. Dear lord. I’ve played Bloodborne more than any other game this year and I’m not even close. He’s got to be way, way busier than me.

Anyway, this is a fun watch. Especially for those of you, like me, who are completely obsessed with Bloodborne. I haven’t really made a dent in the chalice dungeons yet. July is a bit dead for new releases. I might give it a go.


  • I too am obsessed with BB, but word of warning, the chalice grind is just that – a grind…

    Absolute piece of piss to begin with, like ridiculously easy if you start at end game 80ish, but when you hit defiled pthumerian it hits a steep wall.

    From there till queen it can often feel really cheap with some bosses like the descendant and it just becomes an absolute slog.

    Its nothing like the joy experienced from the progression you experience in the main game.

    That all being said if you can hack the grind and frustration then it definitely adds a bit more content to the game, and obviously its required for plat trophy.

    Good luck though!
    Bring on the dlc/expansion!!

    • They are indeed quite dull and I’m finding it difficult to get the motivation to continue. I’ve just finished lower which was tricky at times, so I’m slightly concerned that the defiled is where you say the wall is!

      @markserrels, I’d say you should save your effort for something else, like unlocking the optional parts you missed in NG+, or another game entirely. They’re by far the least interesting part of Bloodborne, with none of the remarkable level crafting the series is known for, and a constant murky underground oppression.

  • Ahhh just noticed he too uses the holy blade, nice! Love that thing, everything else feels a little pale in comparison

  • I hate to be ‘that’ guy, but baka gaijin is considered a racial epithet towards non-Japanese people and is rather offensive. Much like the term ‘nip’ is used to denigrate Japanese people.

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