Tell Us Dammit: What Mobile Games Are You Playing?

It feels like it's been a while since I've seen everyone collectively lose their mind over a mobile game. What have you guys and girls been playing recently? Any recommendations?

Me? I'm really sticking to the staples. Still play Crossy Road sometimes. Usually I just mess around on social media. I've been playing a lot of children's games with my son, with Metamorphabet being the best one.

But I feel like it's been a bit quiet. I haven't even seen something niche grab everyone, like Desert Golf.

Any recommendations?


    I've started playing Game Dev story again... its sucked me in hard.

    Star Realms is a cool little deckbuilder, a board game genre that tends to work well on tablet.

      It's a really good port.

      In a similar note, I've been mucking about with Galaxy Trucker. For a game about madly putting a ship together in the hopes that it only kind of blows up along the way then laughing about it, it somehow works.

        It's a good port, but I think I was spoiled by Ascension, Realms seems a little underbaked in comparison.

    I have only recently stopped playing Fallout Shelter, I dropped my phone so I can't really see what any of the dwellers are doing lol.

    Helldivers on my Vita.
    And the odd stint on my phone in Digimon world re:digitized now that the 100% English patch has finally come out.

    I play the Twitter refresh game. So addictive. GOTY.

    I can't find anything, beyond the Kairosoft games, that last me more than a few days before getting bored of the repetition or slowness of progression. And, I can only play Kairosoft games so many times before even that gets stale.

    I suck at it

      I can't for the life of me figure out how to lower the difficulty of that game

        I think first you have to lower your standards, but not everyone classes that as winning.

        The trick is to roll a +6 to give a boost to your constitution

    Marvel Puzzle Quest is an endless treadmill....
    Also playing "I Love Pasta"...

      I just got back into Marvel Puzzle Quest too! Much more compelling than the first time I played it when it was released...not sure why that is...

        oh, theres like so many new characters now, and i dont think they had the pve events at the beginning.

    I bought Monument Valley on sale, and haven't finished it even though it's apparently really short. Desert Golf very occasionally (though I lost 1000-odd levels of progress in an accidental phone wipe, and that hurt).

    Otherwise I'm still about 3DS and Vita. Those games are far more interesting, and mobile phone battery is more important for music/podcasts, twitter, SMS and tracking buses.

    Candy *god please shoot me* Crush.

    And Hearthstone.

    Its like I hate money.

    2048 still got me hooked. SO CLOSE.

      Swipe up then right then up then right. You'll get there.

    Between Transformers:Rising and Fallout Shelter, Fallout Shelter. Currently training up my army of Darkness to take on Wasteland

    Fallout Shelter, Hearthstone and Injustice mainly

    Hearthstone, it's becoming/become an addiction! Also just downloaded Alpha Bear which is ok so far.

    Trivia Crack. Do challenge mode, get a couple wrong, quit and start again, repeat, wait a few hours for hearts to replenish, start over.

    None - After 2048 I stopped caring about mobile games. Now I play the RSS reader or Reddit reading game.

    Draw Race 2. I swear to god you will not regret buying this if you like racing games.

    Got an iPhone 6 recently and realised that my XCOM: Enemy Unknown that I'd previoulsy purchased for iPad could be played on the phone now. It works really well, the screen is big enough, the stability is good, I'm really enjoying playing that on the train to and from work. Makes the phone really hot if you play for too long though!

    Animal Crossing on my 3DS. I've never really been interested by mobile phone games.

    Right now, nothing. Reading Marvel Unlimited instead. But I have Marvel Puzzle Quest, Hearthstone and GTA Vice City installed. Waiting for fallout shelter on droid.

    Got a SNES, PSP, Mega drive & PSX emulator.

    Grabbed Dragon Quest VIII, Chaos Rings 2 & KotOR. Have issues with touch controls, do barely touch em.

    My Vita & 3DS get a good workout though

    Fallout Shelter and Alphabear.

    Nearly hit the population cap on my vault, will probably stop playing shortly as I can't be bothered starting a second vault and it eats battery like crazy.

    Alphabear, which is kind of like single-player Scrabble, is strictly a two or three games a day thing. Playtime is linked to "honey" which refreshes over time or with watching advertisements. I play a quick game whenever I think of it, which isn't often.

    Sometimes I play on my iPad when I'm watching TV at home, don't really know if that counts

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