The Best Australian Counter-Strike Teams Are A Joy To Behold

As you may or may not be aware, the EASA AU Open Ladder for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive wrapped up last night. Top Australian team Dire Wolves faced off against Team Molotov in a best of three series to for the title of best Counter-Strike team in Australia. Now you can watch all three matches and marvel at some seriously top-level competitive play.

I'm not totally across the local Counter-Strike scene but, from what I can tell, Dire Wolves are hot shit. They were literally unbeatable throughout this competition and this Counter-Strike — people tend to have off days in such a twitch-based environments, so domination like this is not unusual, but commendable.

Regardless — kick back, relax, and watch two of Australia's very best Counter-Strike teams go head-to-head.


    The best part, you can be assured they got any performance enhancing drugs the good old fashion illegal way.

    Come on Mark... "best Counter-Strike team in Australia" is a very long stretch. You need to catch up with the scene here.

    The undisputable best team we have is called The Renegades (previously known as Vox Eminor), they pretty much forwent this tournament since it's a bit below of them and they rather spend their time preparing for the upcoming ESL major in Cologne. Renegades can easily beat any other Australian team so I think they would actually rather not give away their current strats/setups to avoid being studied by other international teams that are all working very hard to get ready for the major. Also they probably haven't even had time to compete in this ladder, they've been competing in a lot of international events recently and they're actually flying out to Cologne this weekend for an IEM event before ESL.

    The second best team in Australia Immunity, are also pretty good. They managed to secure the second spot in this ESL major at the Asian Qualifiers in Malaysia recently.

    Here's a video of possibly our best player in action, earlier in the year.

    Dire Wolves maybe have a case for 3rd best in AU, though they haven't always been so consistent so a few more months will tell. At a guess Dire Wolves might be in the top 40 or 50 teams in the world, Renegades are top 10 or 15 by most rankings.

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      Yeah, I'm not too up on the scene. Good looking out with the vid posted.

        Renegades and Immunity are currently not partaking in Australia run comps. These teams are you next best teams competing the most competitive league in Australia at this point.

        Dire Wolves I would rank as #3 in terms of sheer power and Molotov I would rank in at about #5 - #6. So you are getting good quality games in these videos.

        If you're really feeling like procrastination today. You can watch SpunJ (the leader of Renegades) live on his stream now. He needs more viewers btw, he has a great stream but no one knows about it.

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