When Playing Video Games Becomes An Art Form

You might remember StealthGamerBR from his many utterly insane Dishonored videos. I don't even know what to call them? Speedruns? Nope.

They're more like performances. Incredible performances. This shit is art. It's like ballet.

His most recent effort went up today, and it's a series of visceral assassinations mixed in with a couple of cheeky little stealth moments. Well worth watching.

And while you're at it, check out his playthrough of the game's final mission above. Unreal. It's not as new, but still outrageous.


    If you're digging this, definitely check out the tribes videos by "mupp".

    The physics, speed, and tactics involved are so much more advanced than this, and if you've ever launched a disc you'll be left in awe at his timing.

    But I do enjoy games which let you flow them like this.

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    I've always wondered how the "Shoot into the air" tricks work. Is it just lots of practice to figure out angles and positions or is there some kind of exploitation of the game's systems going on?

    This is why Corvo's tarot card is death

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