World Of Warcraft's Westfall Recreated In Unreal Engine 4

World of Warcraft's Westfall Recreated In Unreal Engine 4

Westfall, the abandoned agricultural center and low level zone of the Alliance, now has a version made with Unreal Engine 4, thanks to the superb work of Daniel L.

Here's a short video demonstration, showing Westfall as we enter from Elwynn Forest. I wonder if we'll see this zone in the upcoming movie. Based on what we've seen so far, its aesthetics would be similar to this.


    Is it me, or does the speed of the windmill not match the tree movement? In fact, the wind affected trees just look odd.

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      Yeah, the trees look like their shaking, not being blown by the wind.

      It's a touch fast, windmills can get some decent speed from light winds though (see around 4:30 in The bigger problem is it's spinning the wrong direction =)

    in most engines you set a global speed. i suspect he sped that up during the demo to move around faster in camera fly which effected the wheat / trees / windmill. looked awesome either or. would re - sub for sure

    the thing is when it's not stylised like wow it doesn't look like Westfall. it just looks like any random country landscape, unless you specifically say its Westfall you wouldn't think of that.

      exactly... some things are meant to look the way the look and its that certain style that makes it memorable and iconic to a degree

      i'm kinda sick of all these "realistic" remakes of things that were never meant to be that way in the first place

    Westfall was a bit of a bland area I always thought. Build a Dun Morogh or Howling Fjord and I am interested.

    Still, a nice idea to re-build WOW zones. If Blizzard actually did this as a WOW v2, I would reckon there would be a massive spike to subscriptions as nostalgia kicks in, and people like me who played since vanilla but dumped around Panda-time, would not be able to resist going back, at least for a look....

    I love it. If they ever make WoW 2, I'd love for it to be something as detailed as this. Really blow up the scale. At the moment, the 'world' of Warcraft is about the size of a small town. There's no way that hundreds, let alone thousands or millions, or people could ever live in any of their cities.

    Witcher 3 has shown what a larger world looks like, and it's fantastic. Doing that with WoW would be amazing.

      i know, its gunna be hard when fallout 4 comes out and we see that a major city hub will have only 10-15 people in it

        Oh. Is... is that still what they're doing? :/

          I hope they allow more per instance but not crazy numbers either..

        it's already like that now so no big change there.
        We can thank Garrisons.

      and in the process lose all feeling of being a blizzard/warcraft game... no thanks...

      blizzards art style is amazing and shouldn't be turned into this as it makes it just like any other generic world...

    This really brings back nostalgia. That "magical" feeling World of Warcraft once had. Still brings chills down my spine.

    Bit disappointing they didn't recreate the actual layout though.

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