Did The Batmobile Work In Arkham Knight?

The newest Batman game is something a lot of fans — myself included — have been waiting a long time for. Now that it's been out a while, we decided to take your questions over Periscope. And, yes, the the merits of Batmobile was discussed, because how can you not talk about it?

You'll need to forgive a bit of experimentation and set-up in the video above, which we shot last week. It's a chat of all things Arkham Knight or, at least, most of what Periscope viewers wanted us to answer. One of the topics was the Batmobile, which was definitely the riskiest addition to Arkham Knight. As I say in the video, I think it pays off big time but here's a basic rundown of my thoughts:

  • Car combat feels like human combat. The same dodge/strike/special attack rhythm that made Rocksteady's Bat-game design so winning is there in the cockpit of the Batmobile, too.

  • Driving the Batmobile like you don't give a damn is great. Batman's car destroys huge chunks of the environment. It kind of defies logic how so many buildings remain standing when the Batmobile's demolishing corners and support beams willy-nilly.

  • The puzzles designed around the Batmobile makes Gotham City feel unique. In some ways, Arkham Knight feels like it's home to an under-realised open world. Its streets aren't teeming with life like, say, GTA V or Assassin's Creed Unity. But it does have areas — in the main story and in side missions — that require you to use the vehicle's tools and weapons for problem-solving. These sections make the Dark Knight's ride feel like less a way to get around and more of a giant gadget.

  • Some of the Batmobile-centric boss fights will annoy you. Two big showdowns in the final third of Arkham Knight revolve around stealthily tracking and goading bigger, more powerful vehicles into combat. They're more frustrating than the game's standard vehicular battles. One tip to make them easier? Get the 60 MM cannon upgrade that makes drones investigate points of impact. It will be easier to isolate them from other enemies and take them down.

You can see me talk about Arkham Knight's predecessors, the game's villains, and more in the full video above.

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    Overall I felt it worked, but it could've been implemented better tbh. I'd like to see a Batman game where Gotham isn't 'coincidentally abandoned' by everyone and there's innocent people around to be way of etc. That'd be a nice change...

    I might be a minority but I wanted the batmobile to be more mundane. A break from the action where you can do research or plot new points to find missions, I'm not sure really but I didn't want to be solving puzzles and working out how to get the batmobile into tiny factories.
    Then again I would have rathered a more michael keaton batmobile which is less combat military type shit.

    Arkham Asylum: "Oh man, I wish I could drive the batmobile."
    Arkham City: "Why can't I drive the batmobile?"
    Arkham Origins: "They'd better have the batmobile in the next game."
    Arkham Knight: "Argh! Too much batmobile!"

    I felt there were points in the game I was made to use the batmobile when I didnt really need to, or want to. I am also up to the arkham knight battle, so im annoyed with the batmobile because its a crap boss fight

    The deathstroke fight was such a let down. In hibdsighy i think it was an average game. I enjoyed all of the others more.

    Nothing terribly difficult about the bat mobile stuff. It didn't feel like a 'tank' though because you'd spend all your time dodging annoying attacks and countering until everyone was dead.

    Nightmare DLC stuff was a bit poo though, Didn't enjoy batmobile based boss fights but other than that is was good. Loved driving through the town if you wanted to get somewhere quickly and once you got a hand of it's cornering it was almost as good as flying :)

    Meanwhile PC ppl sit their twiddling their thumbs wondering when the game they paid for will be worth playing.

      I have been playing Arkhan Knight on PC and have had no real issues... Few minor glitches like floating dead bad guys... But nothing that's a deal breaker or makes me want to stop playing

      Yep, or waiting to be allowed to buy it. Which sucks, because it's become really hard to avoid spoilers for the story (yes, I realised that I clicked an article about Arkham Knight, but I've already had a chunk spoiled elsewhere and this one looked harmless), and all the interesting conversations will be over by the time we get to play.

      I think I'm the only lucky PC-player out there.. the game hasnt given me any problems whatsoever, and I just finished it this weekend. On PC! Who would've figured :P.

      As for the batmobile, the only bad thing must be the friggin Arkham Knight car battle. That was troublesome. And the fact that you fight Deathstroke in a CAR just makes no sense..

    I initially didn't mind the bat mobile, but as you got further into the game it seemed they tried to pigeon-hole it into every mission. It became incredibly frustrating, and because of That, it made me not want to play the game anymore and I avoided the side missions that made me use it.

    The Batmobile is the games "ice level"

    As I'm almost finished I'm starting to like it more.

    I had fun chasing those cars down and the shooting the tank in the tail pipe (which when accidentally spotted turns into a GTFO as fast as possible)

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