Her Story Becomes Solid Success, Sells More Than 100,000 Copies

Her Story Becomes Solid Success, Sells More Than 100,000 Copies

FMV games that aren’t called Wing Commander, Myst or Zork have traditionally done pretty poorly, but Her Story creator Sam Barlow is certainly enjoying being an exception to the norm.

The developer, who was previously the main designer and writer on Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and a director on the cancelled Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun project, tweeted that Her Story had broken the six figure mark since its release in late June.

“Back from holidays [and] some cool news waiting for me: Her Story has sold over 100,000 copies after its first month and a bit on sale,” Barlow exclaimed.

Her Story is an FMV-driven adventure where the player searches through video footage of seven interviews, where a woman is questioned about the disappearance of her husband. It’s currently available on Steam for US$6 and has been warmly received by gamers, with a 92% rating from over 1,000 user reviews.


  • Fantastic news, a game this interesting deserves this kind of success. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with it.

      • I personally don’t replay that many games with strong single player stories a lot of the time anyway. If you are the kind of player that does then I guess the lack of replay value could be a drawback.

  • The game never interested me personally but it was clear enough to me that a lot of effort and craft went into it so I’m glad to hear it’s doing well.

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