If You Can’t Get Enough Portal In Your Life, Then Try This Board Game

If You Can’t Get Enough Portal In Your Life, Then Try This Board Game

For all those cantankerous types who don’t want other people to get cake.

It’s available for pre-order at We Love Fine and it’s a 2 to 4 player board game from the makers of the Portal games. It’s US$45 at the moment and it comes with a single GLADOS token, 1 miniature companion cube, a mini-turret, 32 test subjects, 18 test chamber panels and one board.

There isn’t much detail about how the game actually plays out, although in the picture it appears to be a turn-based affair with players drawing cards from two decks. “DEPLOY, MOVE, ACTIVATE, RECYCLE,” the box says.

Would you play a Portal board game?


  • My only problem with the game is the publisher.
    Cryptozoic have a penchant for ruining the licences they acquire.
    The Archer board game was awful.

  • People played this at GenCon and the general consensus seems to be that it’s a decent, if unremarkable, board game that just happens to have a Portal theme pasted on.

    If you want to play Portal in board game form, look elsewhere. If you want to play a random board game with all your favourite memes from Portal thrown in willy-nilly, play to your heart’s content!

  • BoardGameGeek did a video of the game when it was promoted at GenCon. Their overall opinion was that it was a great licence that was used well, but the actual play was fairly average. Worth picking up if you are a fan of Portal and like board gaming, but otherwise, there is plenty more out there.

  • There’s lots of videos out there on the internet showing how the game plays. Why would you say there isn’t info on how it plays???

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