Modder Takes Break From Job To Launch Fallout New Vegas Total Conversion Before Fallout 4

Modder Takes Break From Job To Launch Fallout New Vegas Total Conversion Before Fallout 4

This ambitious mod has plenty of motivation to ship on time — because of Fallout 4.

It’s hard when you’re an unpaid, volunteer collection of modders working on one of the most ambitious mods for Fallout: New Vegas. But when Fallout 4 is just around the corner — and everyone working on your project is just as likely to abscond to play that game themselves — it’s pretty good motivation to hurry up.

It’s provided so much motivation, in fact, that one of the main developers has announced in a post on ModDB that they have taken a three month sabbatical from their day job to complete work on Fallout: Project Brazil.

“For the next 3 months I will be off assignment and working exclusively on Fallout: Project Brazil, basically from 08:00 to 20:00 every day,” project lead Brandan Lee wrote. “It’s a crazy schedule and I’m sure my arse will be very numb by the end.”

“I’ve got to finish some large 3d jobs, balance all the NPCs for combat and navmesh, then also record, cut, and edit new voice acting from almost 24 actors. So I will be very busy leading up to release. I might die. Send whiskey to my funeral.”

In case you’re wondering why someone would go to such extremes, it’s because Fallout: Project Brazil is a mammoth undertaking. It’s a total conversion for Fallout New Vegas that revolves around a new player character with their own separate story that takes place before the Courier’s.

The fan collaboration, which includes two main scripters, two assistant scripters, help from a 3D artist and a suite of donations from fans, only gets more impressive as the months go on. The game has three separate factions that you interact with — including an infected race of warriors that you join if you put on a suit of their armour or drink from their spoiled water supply — and last month the team finalised a stack of new voice overs too.

Even the effort gone into re-texturing is impressive. “I actually went back and sculpted brand new normals and masks, completely redoing the texture from scratch to look the same, but have a radically higher resolution and quality of art,” Lee added. “That is too much to use in New Vegas, but on, say, Fallout 4, these new PBR textures would fit in seamlessly, and they’d be legal to use because they are fully new assets.”

The Project Brazil crew have also been working with the makers of companion mods so you can import your companion from the total conversion into New Vegas if you want to maintain the proper chronological order.

Project Brazil was due to have a beta out in October with a full release later this year, but that last part is being accelerated by, well, practicality. Who’s going to want to work on — or play — a Fallout New Vegas mod when Fallout 4 is hot off the presses?

You can check out the official Facebook page for more information or hit up Nexus Mods if you want to download an alpha version of the total conversion. And if you’re super interested, the design documents are available to read on Google Docs as well.


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