Massive Fallout Mod Nine Years In The Making Is Out Today

Fallout: New California, an enormously ambitious mod that’s been in development since 2009, is now out, finished and ready to play.

Fan-Made Prequel To Fallout: New Vegas Goes Into Beta After Nine Years In Development

Fallout: New California is a prequel mod to Fallout. New Vegas that fans of the early Fallout games began working on back in 20o9. Now, in the project's most recent update, the makers say the game is finally playable from start to finish.

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New California is set in between the events of Fallout 2 and Fallout New Vegas, and to simply call it a “mod” is to sell it short. This is practically a brand new, fan-made Fallout game, that’s even got voice acting and takes place on a new map, with the game set in the Black Bear Mountain National Forest in California.

Its release is timed well; Fallout 76 is out soon, and anyone disappointed that it’s a multiplayer affair, and not the traditional epic singleplayer RPG, can just try this out instead.

You can download the mod here. As for how good it is, Nathan is playing it right now, and will have some impressions up on Kotaku soon!

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Three years ago - not long after I started at Kotaku, actually - a modder who took a three month break from his job to work full-time on Fallout: Project Brazil, an ambitious total conversion of Fallout: New Vegas. The mod has been in development for aeons, and after countless delays, bug fixes and a rebranding to Fallout. New California, an open beta was launched earlier this year. But then a spanner got thrown into the works. Fantasy Flight Games announced Fallout: New California, an expansion for the post-apocalyptic RPG's tabletop spin-off.

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Fallout 4 is a real thing finally, and Fallout players are insanely excited about it. The team behind Fallout. Project Brazil doesn't have much time left. They have to beat it to release.

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Ambitious Fallout Mod Uses 44 Voice Actors From 2 Continents

The size and scope of Fallout Project Brazil continues to impress, and even though the mod won't beat Fallout 4 to release it's rewarding to see that the team aren't willing to compromise on their vision.

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    Damn New Vegas?? That doesn't have mods on Xbox 360 yet does it?

      No but it'll run on everything but a toaster practically. So even if you've got a cheap and nasty pc, it's worth picking it up just to play it on it with mods :)

        Might give it a go, got an i3 laptop with integrated graphics but an ssd!

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