Off Topic: The Most Painful Thing You've Ever Experienced

Okay, time to take Off Topic to a dark place. What's the most physically painful thing you've ever experienced?

Me? Despite being into rock climbing and sport, I've been remarkably injury free throughout my 34 years on this planet. The most pain I've ever been in, however, was the result of a skateboarding accident.

A longboarding accident to be precise.

For one (admittedly) fun summer a group of my friends and I got fairly heavily into longboarding. We all bought boards and we all starting trying to hammer it down increasingly steep hills in the New South Wales area.

With each successful run we got more and more confidence. To the point where I felt a little bit invincible. That was to be my downfall.

I was alone. I decided to bomb it down this steep, narrow footpath hill. I hadn't really thought through the super sharp bend at the bottom of the hill. Surprisingly I made it.

It was the next bend that got me.

I went flying into a pole. I turned my body into the pole to avoid a head injury, but I went arm first into the pole itself. I must have been going around 40-50 km/h.

The pain was instantly horrendous. The most pain I'd ever been in. The swelling was also instantaneous. To the point where I was certain I had broken my arm. I carted myself home and my wife drove me to the hospital. The Doctors were surprised I hadn't actually broken a bone considering the swelling, but I was given the all clear and a hefty amount of pain killers.

A couple of days later, and the bruising came out. See pic above.

That was the most pain I've ever experience. What about you? let us know in the comments below.


    Either the time I burnt my hand or the time I fractured my clavicle (which I didn't notice until 3 days later).

      It took you three days to notice the most painful thing that ever happened to you?

      You should probably go get a brain scan or something.

        Well I had the accident on Friday and it wasn't until I woke up on Monday did I feel pain. Could have damaged it then broke it in my sleep.

    I can't actually remember how painful it was, since I was on 6 or 7.

    Riding my bike down a steep road one day, I lost control & slid face first down the hill.

    One entire side of my face was covered in gravel rash & I didn't go to school for a week or two because it healed in one giant scab.

    Scared the shit out of my mum, but I came out of it without any scarring.

      Bikes can be instruments of pain. My mum got one for Christmas when I was about 6 or 7, and I foolishly tried to ride it inside the house. I bumped into something and the bike came to a sudden halt. Not me though, I copped a metal bar straight to my tender young bollocks. I came to some time later - apparently I had blacked out and my dad had to carry me and put me on my bed to recover.

      Bikes are dangerous. Came off one coming back from school, was around 9 or 10 years old, foot slipped from the pedal somehow (the pedal was one of those spiky grippy things)... anyway, the pedal spikes got stuck in the inside of my right knee, and the gear embedded itself an inch into my left inside knee. Had to walk the last half a km home with two gaping wounds in my legs, not to mention the superficial grazing.

    Squashed the end of my finger in a pneumatic log splitter - didn't tickle. Fractured pretty badly - doctors official diagnosis: "you smashed it".

    When I was younger I had an operation to correct my hammer toes which involved swapping the upper and lower tendons on the three middle toes on each of my feet. Walking around after the operation was excruciating for several weeks, feeling like straightening my toes would lead to the lower tendons ripping off or ripping through the skin.

    Now comes the painful bit. One of my 'friends' thought me hobbling around was hilarious and decided to come up and stand on both of my feet. He was a year older than me, considerably larger than me and a bit of a bully, but the adrenaline rush that I got from being dizzy with pain gave me the strength to shove him several metres away before I limped off with head spinning and tears streaming down my face. That was about 20 years ago and still remember with crystal clarity.

    Hmm, most of the things that have happened to me haven't really been "painful" so much as "unpleasantly uncomfortable". I guess the recovery process after my tonsillectomy where they encourage you to eat rough foods to prevent scabbing is one of the worst incidences. I also had a particularly bad ear infection at one point (requiring pethidine for the pain) and having your toenails removed (because of in-growns) isn't fun afterwards.

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    First time I had a tooth removed was a wisdom tooth. Got it done and stitched up. Pain as expected, nothing major.

    Away for work for the week following and unbeknown to me the stitching had split a little and the hole got infected.

    It was the worst pain I've been through (worse than broken bones, strep throat and ear infection) but since I'd never had a tooth removed I didn't know if it was normal or not.

    Barely slept, existed through half dosing pain mess to dull the pain all the time rather than have little pain and then full pain for a few hours when they wore off.

    When got back home and went to them they said it had been infected the whole time, cleaned it, stitched again and antibiotics and it was good within a couple days.

      I had all my wisdom teeth removed, due to two never pushing through, and two only half pushing through, then having no more room and stopping (I have a small jaw). It was essentially the same thing, I had two constantly open wounds in my mouth, and food would get lodged and then infection would set in. It took me a year or two of that happening before I had them removed on dentists orders.
      Can confirm it is excruciating. Getting them removed wasn't much better, but the long term pay off was totally worth it.

    Parents passing away :(

      Don't mean to be a dick but physical pain?

        It hurt emotionally, financially and physically too (I fell quite ill after their passing)

          Fuck mate I'm really sorry to hear, like I said I wasn't trying to be a dick. So have you managed to beat it?

            Not yet, still seeing my physio once a week. As for the mental part, I'm much stronger now

        It doesn't have to be physical to hurt. In fact, pain that is emotional is infinitely harder to treat and cure.

          Yeah I know this but as the post states in the first paragraph "Okay, time to take Off Topic to a dark place. What’s the most physically painful thing you’ve ever experienced?".

            Depending on the severity, physical pain may induce as a secondary side-effect to emotional pain.

            Pun not intended but taking the topic further into emotional pain is not hurting anyone.

            In fact those sharing their emotional pain here are to be commended as it takes a great person move forward but an even greater one to share about the experience.

              I agree with you 100% and once again I have shown how ignorant People can be when they don't understand something completely.

      Lost my father when I was younger. Shit hurt way more than any physical injury I've ever experienced.

    Sitting around a bonfire as a younger man just doing dumb shit like burning various things in the fire. Had a shopping bag on a stick, burning away, then dropped my stick. Reached down to pick it up, not realising my hand was under a friend's stick who was doing the same thing. Giant glob of flaming plastic landed on my right hand. That got my attention. Still got a decent scar on my hand 20 odd years later. That really hurt.

    That or when I jammed my finger in a shipping container door.

      Oh man, burning plastic is the worst. Hot melted sugar almost as bad. I feel you.

        I would've through the sugar would be worse. I imagine that would be a lot thicker.

    For me it was when I was out cycling. I was on a road at about 6AM enjoying a beautiful summer morning when a Ute driver failed to stop at a junction and ran into me. I still dont have any memory of the incident I ended up with a broken collarbone, a fractured pelvis and a broken femur along with a bunch of other stuff. My $16000 Tri bike was destroyed. It took 2 years to heal and recover and I still have some problems. However, I was lucky in that another cyclist was literally 70 seconds behind me, even luckier that he was a doctor, he helped divert traffic around me and ensured that I was looked after and made all necessary arrangements with the hospital. The driver who drove through the junction left the scene and has never been found.

      What a fucking dog. I know it's a stressful and chaotic situation but if you hit somebody while you're driving and just drive off you deserve the worse kind of punishment.

      Glad you (mostly) healed up and are still with us.

    Having bone marrow extracted, there are no words, it was like the void of space was suddenly present inside my bones and was being compressed into a singularity.
    Second worse pain, it was 2am and my car headlights were getting dimmer and dimmer, so I pulled over and popped the hood. The fan belt had come off, so no charging and the car was severely overheated. I lent in to get the fantbelt back on and the radiator cap failed, fired into my face at high speed, followed by superheated, glycol filled water hitting me like a fire hose.
    It burned all the skin off my face and neck, welded my ears closed and to the side of my head, my nostils welded shut and my corneas blistered.
    All the skin that was once my face was hanging in strips around my neck, my ex-nose was hanging from the middle of my face. I ran up to an outdoor tap and got under cold water, but the pain was insane. I banged on the back door of the house, and then ran back under the tap, repeated that a few times, but no answer, so broke in, and use the old dial telephone. The 0-0-0 seemed to take forever to dial, and it took all of my concentration to get my shaking finger into the dial and move it a-l-l the way around.
    I stood in their bathtub, running cold water from the shower over my face until the ambulance arrived. I saw myelf in the bathroom mirror, and I looked like Freddy Kruger. They carried my out of the house, and I went to the burns unit, the pain just kept ramping up. Eventually I got a shot of morphene, and like a miracle, the pain went away.

    Until the next morning, when it came back with a vengence.

    The treatment over the next weeks was actually more painful than the burn, you got a box of LUX flakes, and a chux superwipe, and would scrape off all of the scabs/scar tissue that had grown each night, with no pain killers. It was excruciating, and I certainly didn't look forward to the mornings. I would stand, staring in the mirror, Chux in hand, and psych myself up for the pain and then go for it. It was worth it, the scarring was massively reduced over what it would have been, but oh god it hurt. Just moving your face hurt, let alone scraping at it.

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      I never did find the house again, I always wondered what happened when the people came home, found water all over their kitchen floor, and a bathtub full of skin, but nothing missing from the house....

      I was going to say the bullet into my upper thigh.... but god-damn man....
      Thats nothing compared to the sounds of your story.... I've had the radiator explode due to heat thing but obviously was very lucky and only copped some minor burns on my arms, but i cant imagine...

      Holy Shit Dude,

      I watched my old man fall in a fire when I was younger and then saw all the pain he went through with skin grafts and removing dead skin and stuff in his recovery. That was only his arm, I cant imagine what it must have been like for you.

      you sir have my respect !!!

        And that was his 2nd most painful thing!

          Yeah, the bone marrow thing was a truly cosmic level of pain. It was so ridiculous that I just kept laughing, which freaked out the nurse. That was after half an our of thumping this thing into my hip, my bones are apparently freakishly dense, so they were thumping away, I thought that hurt pretty bad, but when they sucked the marrow out, holy shit, it was a religious experience of hurt.

      Man. You always seemed like a Guy Who Has Seen Some Shit™, but that's just... geez.

      Jeez Poita!
      I was going to post about dislocated shoulders, a flave virus that felt like I was crushed by a steam roller and smashing my clavicle, but a burn like that and the after effects... even I feel terror at what you must have gone through. I'm so glad you still have your vision.

        I was so scared that I would go blind.

      Holy crap Poita that sounds painful

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    4 years of prowrestling. Ended up with wrists that sound like cement mixers, 5 concussions, bad knees and back, partial memory loss, and more injuries. So much for a "fake" medium huh?

    More recently though... Scrolling through 5 pages to get to a lifehacker or Gizmondo article that looks like it's worth a read lol

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      That second point tho

    I've been pretty lucky, mostly just soft tissue damage from playing soccer. Worst was probably when I recently tore my calf, or years ago when I sprained my medial ligament. Both were several weeks of recovery and pain with every step.

    There's also the time the guy decided to defend the goal by elbowing me in the face:
    Warning: It's pretty gross

    Shattered my fibula. Wasn't too bad at the time as I was in shock, but the next morning was unpleasant to say the very least.

    When I was 16 in high school, kid went to kick me in the nuts. Thinking too quickly, I stuck my hand in front to deflect the kick and copped the full force of the punt to my little finger, completely shattered the knuckle. Required micro surgery to pull all the little pieces out, 17 years later and my little finger is a good 1/2cm shorter than the other one..

      Look on the bright-side, at least you didn't have to have micro surgery on your nuts.

    Arm Wrestling and having my Humerus bone snap in half during my mates 21st. It was my fault originally cos i locked my arm. The snap was loud enough to overpower the techno music playing(yes sandstorm has a different meaning for me lol). I still remember my friend holding my hand at a weird angle. It was surreal... until the pain came crashing down on me as i was being helped down the porch and i fainted. lol.

      I don't understand how you lock your arm?

        It's where i was holding my arm closer to me and using the pressure exerted by my opponent to be placed on the muscles around my humerus bone rather than the actual whole arm length.

        Also we were arm wrestling incorrectly. Instead of pulling towards each other, we were going from side to side.

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    Yeah 7 (so about 13-14 y/o), school holidays, mum was working so we spent most of our days being looked after by the next door neighbour... Lunch time comes around, I go back home, make myself a bowl of noodles (the one with the freeze-dried veggies etc in the styrofoam bowl) with hot water straight out of the kettle, take it into the loungeroom, put it on a stable table, sit on the lounge and promptly up-end the whole bowl into my lap...

    What made it worse was the nylon boardshorts I was wearing at the time... Surprisingly enough, it wasn't that painful... Only I learned later from the doctor, the reason it wasn't painful was because I'd received third degree burns and had basically fried some of the nerve endings on my thighs and lower stomach...

    So anyway, basic burn treatment skills kicked it, I ran upstairs, ran a bath full of cold water, stripped off the shorts, jumped in, and almost straight away strips of skin came off my legs and started floating on the water...

    Fast forward about half an hour later, the neighbour comes over because she hasn't heard from me since I came home, I called out that I was in the bath, she came in and found me, called the ambulance straight away, you all know how this part of the story goes...

    Long story short, I spent 10 days in hospital playing Mario Kart while my burns healed.

      Man I'd say that's a lucky story.. that could've burnt some pretty "life changing" areas.

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    Went to get into the car.
    Opened the door, hit my head on the door frame, pinballed into the door, then back into the door frame.
    That hurt like hell.

      Sorry, can't stop laughing.

    Blew out my ACL and MCL in one fell swoop. My leg was so destabilised that i had to have 3 months of therapy before they could attempt surgery (And my wife was 3 months pregnant!) Longest 3 months of my life. My surgeon was so impressed with the damage he asked if he could use my scans and surgery video for training purposes.

    Impaled myself on some bricks when I was younger. Had surgery to get all the pieces out of me. Still have the scar. And this more mental pain, but getting raped when I was 10 destroyed my childhood and teenage years. Tried to kill myself twice because of it and I'm dealing with the fallout a decade later. I find it crazy how people can joke about rape nowadays. They don't have one fucking clue.

      Nobody deserves that. You are tough to have survived it and brave to speak about it. Maximum respect!

    While playing rugby, I ruptured a disc in my back. At the time it wasn't too bad, quite stiff and sore for a week or two then came good (the joys of being young and brainless). However, about 10 years later, the rupture had calcified and I managed to twist my back the wrong way. It was now pushing on a nerve.

    I can't describe the agony. For about 6 months, I had trouble standing, sitting and sleeping. Usually lying down was ok but getting back up was horrific. Funny enough, it wasn't my back that was too painful but my left leg. Phantom pain would shoot up and down my leg, with either a burning sensation or intense pins and needles.

    Dropped a bookcase on my foot. Shattered 3 toes - 2 fractures on big toe, fracture on second and broke off the tip of the third. Lucky it was my left foot (so I could still drive) and it wasn't a few centimeters further up.

    Left leg completely dislocated from the socket with the ball joint grinding on my pelvis. I feel like I experienced childbirth

    Ooh! I have a story.

    I had my rather overweight friend (about 100kgs at 13 years old..) over when I was 13. There was a matress on the lounge room floor which he had slept on the night before. I was laying on this on a hot summers day watching TV. Meanwhile my friend was messing around trying to distract me. He persisted piling masses of pillows on top of me and jumping on them and rolling off. Didn't hurt, of course. Until...

    He rolled off the stack of the pillows and landed on my arm. My arm was half on the matress, half on the ground at an angle. It snapped straight in half like a twig with a big loud crack. I held out my arm in front of him, it rotated 360 degrees as if I had a second wrist halfway down my arm. It was like that moment in Harry Potter where his arm gets broken and all the bones get removed. It was just floppy and dead. My friend went pale and almost passed out, and after the initial shock, the throbbing started. It was horrible.

    Went to the hospital, had to wait like 2 hours, then they had no rooms spare so I had to lay on a bed in one of the hallways in agony until they transferred me to another hospital 30 minutes away. Had a cast for 8 weeks all the way up to my shoulder. It sucked.

      Sounds exactly like the arm wrestlers break I had. I know that feeling where at first you're just staring at it and waving it around like it isn't part of your arm. Then the realization hits you and WHAM... PAAAAAAIN.

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    I would have said dipping my finger onto a deep fryer which was an insanely disproportionate about of pain for what it was but waking up after having a stroke 2 weeks ago and my head felt like it was about to fall off or explode or both and all the connective tissue in my body felt like it was slowly dissolving. Thanks the gods I was in hospital with quick access to high quality IV drugs. 2 weeks later and I still haven't fully recovered.

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