Probably The Best Dark Souls Tribute Video Ever

Maybe I'm getting sentimental in my old age but this Dark Souls tribute video, by top class creators ThePruld, is probably my favourite Dark Souls YouTube video ever. Are you among those who played and loved Dark Souls?

Prepare. To. Cry.


Yeah sure it's a little bit schmaltzy but man, this is just so well edited and put together. I also kinda like the song and how it all ties into the Dark Souls experience. It was made using Source Filmmaker.


    I've not played Dark Souls. I have only played the sequel. From the usual consensus I gathered that Dark Souls 2 is nowhere near as good as the original and I can completely understand that since I can compare DS2 to Bloodborne and see that the Drangleic is nothing compared to Yarhnam.
    This video is just another reminder of a game I really should check out. Love it.

    Nicely put together.

    Man, what a bleak game, nobody gets a happy ending in Lordran.

      I've always liked the idea based around that if you save Solaire (which you can!!!) and bring him to the final boss and win then he would touch the flame for you and finally becomes the flame he always seeks. Plus there is a theory that he is the son of the god who is the final boss anyway.

        I like that. I've never managed to save him - last play through I specifically tried to but must have messed up somewhere.

    Sunbros 4 life. Praise the mother fucking Sun!

    Oh god, all those stories referenced... all the impact. All the hope.
    The feels. THE FEELS!

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