This Is Probably The Closest We'll Ever Come To A Dark Souls Movie

A Dark Souls movie would almost certainly be terrible, which is why I'm glad a Dark Souls movie will never get made.

This, however, is pretty awesome. It's an attempt at using the Dark Souls game to tell the Dark Souls story in the most cinematic way possible. It's pretty cool.

What I like most about it is the cinematography. There are some genuinely beautiful shots in this 'movie'

And it really takes advantage of what a unique space the Dark Souls world is, in terms of its art design.

Well worth a watch, especially if you're well versed in the lore of the game.


    There was a similar 'production' done for DayZ during its halcyon days. The main character was a heli mechanic and the 'he wakes up and notices zombies are everywhere' thing happened in the first episode. God knows how far it got/if it went anywhere at all after that.

    Oh, and the countless 'Minecraft cartoons' on Youtube I'm subjected to by my family.

    What's machinea? Is that what this is?

    A Dark Souls video that I CAN watch. This is good.

    Wonder if they made this for the $10,000 competition.

    Watching someone else hurt Sif is not so good. I always make sure to rescue her puppy form so I get the cutscene where Sif basically says: "Oh... I remember you. I don't really want to do this."

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