Remember This?

Aw yeah. Finally taken a Remember This to day two. It's been a while! No-one managed to guess yesterday's game, so I'm giving you all a second clue.

Oh, and here's yesterday's for reference...

Good luck!

Remember, you can send in Remember This suggestions to me here


    Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

      I gotta ask... google-assisted or no?

        I'd say probably. I'm still pretty impressed that Google is able to find that, though, as it's not really characteristic of the whole image!

        I prefer not to make any assumptions about how people solved it but it's useful to know that the solution was available that way. The new snapshot does give a Google match unfortunately, also appears on the second row of 'similar images' results.

      wow, how on Earth did you figure that out? Nice one johnny.

    Definitely Home Alone 2:

      Jesus. I reckon if a person had absolutely no context for that screenshot, it would be rather disturbing

      Looks like Marv is taking being a 'sticky bandit' a bit too literally in that screenshot. Couldn't drop Kevin even if he wanted to

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