Remember This?

Looks like no-one managed to guess yesterday's game. Let's take this bad boy to a second clue shall we?

And for reference, here's yesterday's clue...

Good luck everyone!


    40 Winks on N64?

      40 winks PS1

      Again I have to ask... google assisted?

      Good guess if not... 40 Winks confirmed:

        Another one I have never heard of. I should have spent more time gaming in my yoof.

          If I'm reading the Wikipedia page right, it didn't even get a PAL release until there was a PSN version 11 years after the original. So was it even released here originally?

            It was released here on PS1. In fact, I remember a Hyper review about the game when the main villain was referred to as a bastard due to the fact he wished to abolish sleep and hence his own nightmares. I never bought the game, but the demo disc that came with the magazine had a pretty awesome demo.

        Given the N64 version was never actually released, it is a bit suss.

    psshhh Mario 64... obviously

    Looks a lot like Fury 3 / Terminal Velocity

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