The Standalone Disc For Rock Band 4 Will Cost More On Xbox One

If you're buying the standalone disc for Rock Band 4, it will cost $US20 more on Xbox One — $US80 instead of $US60. How come? The wireless protocols that Microsoft uses on their consoles means you need a special device for your Xbox 360 hardware to to work on your Xbox One. The bundles, however, are the same price.


    Obviously MS can't bring out its revamped controller soon enough...

    Any chance we could get a story on Rockband 4 included songs and available DLC songs vs Guitar Hero? Cheers.

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      I thought they were just jacking the price up a ton. EB has it available for pre-order (granted they'll take a pre-order for anything). $499 for the full kit, $250 for just the game and guitar.

      [Edit: Nevermind.]

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      DLC is everything that's been available for Rock Band 1-3 aside from those which have had their licenses expire. If you purchased those songs though, you can still download them.

      The RB4 track list revealed so far is also here:

        I am pretty happy that all the old songs work, and the Rockband library has 4,197 songs. Take my guitar picks!

      The Guitar Hero Live track list is much more complete at this point:

      Some good stuff in there but a lot of it is music that personally doesn't interest me (and I think a good chunk of it has been in a Rock Band game anyway). Your mileage may vary.

        there's some odd selections in that list - Calvin Harris? Skrillex?

        Either way, I just hope that it doesn't end up like last time with a "want to play songs from _______, well they won't be available on Rock Band/Guitar Hero, because they're exclusive to Guitar Hero/Rock Band"

          Yeah, there's a bunch of stuff that's kind of perplexing. I get the impression GH is going for a sort of mass market karaoke sort of approach. Hope there's room for both in the market and GH doesn't ruin everything again.


    edit: Ugh, was meant to be a reply to Josh R.

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    Well, that actually makes sense - if this version requires an extra $20 dongle to make existing instruments work, then yeah, it's justified.
    I think the miscommunication comes from calling it a 'stand alone' version - it's bundled with an extra item, and only the other platform version(s?) come as a stand alone disc.

    Edit: wait, does that mean the full $500 bundle doesn't come with the adapter (and therefore you still need to buy it to get older instruments working), or just that they've absorbed the $20 into that ridiculous price?

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      Nope, there is no adapter with the bundles, because apparently you don't need it, even though both versions only include one guitar, and there won't be a standalone guitar for at least a few months.

      Also don't forget that it's an extra US$20, so more like $50+ down here.

      There's a compatibility chart on the Rock Band forums, that indicates that none of the wireless instruments are compatible (except for the drums on PS4 for some reason).

      And here I thought getting the USB instruments to work would be simple...

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        $20US = $27.80AU. Let's not over exaggerate here ;)

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          US$250 for the band in a box compared to AU$500.

          Conversion rates don't seem to matter when it comes to Rock Band.

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    *shrugs* Didn't expect any other outcome. Better than paying for the full band bundle, anyway, considering I already have all the instruments.

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